Breakfast in the Morning

First Chapter from the book Smart Sexy Successful

book smart sexy successful

I woke up in the morning. It seemed that this would xyxbe a beautiful summer day. I prepared my breakfast and opened my balcony door, where I took my breakfast. The air was still fresh, and I read through some concepts like sales technique, promotion and PR, getting prepared for my new job. On the first of the next month, I would start working for a personal sports club called “FitnessStar” for woman only. After my years of job drama, I had worked as a marketing assistant for an international chemical company, which I really did not like. I wanted more and decided to study Communication Design in London. After my mom’s death, the end result of fighting several years against cancer, I finally moved to London and started my study. Later on after my graduation, it was hard to find a job. First, I had an engagement with one international company, but in terms of the financial crises, external contract people were kicked out and I lost my job. So I needed to support myself with part-time jobs. I had to work for a temp company, and I really hated it. This company worked on a very low level like scanning jobs, call-center environment, where they hired masses of people for one company. The payment for these jobs was about an hourly rate of ten Euros. Most of the people who worked for this temp firm were previously unemployed especially long-term unemployed and had been recommended by the job-center, a paid recommendation, of course. The agency would get a guaranteed “Extra” for employing unemployed people. But most of these jobs were on a long-term basis and did not include the idea from “Temp to Perm”. During my job interview, the boss of the agency, a woman in her mid-fifties from North Africa was explaining her business to me and that for now she had a job with one of these popular banks for about two months, and would later on look for me for a job in marketing communication. So I thought this would be a fair deal.

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