I’m very happy to announce Smart Sexy Successful  is available on kindle and the Kindle Select Program. This is the book that began as a short story “Weekend” and became now my first novel starring the hilarious main character Francesca, a young Italian woman who dreams of running her own yoga/dance studio.

BildIt’s set in a world made up of business woman, fitness Gyms, trainers and course participants. There’s also a love affair with an old flame, a yoga teacher that really gets on Francesca’s nerves, the so smart business strategies and a ridiculous amount of bizarre situations. It’s about new businesses, jealous colleagues and a burning desire to become an entrepreneur in the world of dance and fitness. It also has some romance and love thrown in for good measure.

After a serious of ridiculous jobs, Francesca feels lucky to finally have found the right job that will help her to support her future plans and make her dreams come true. As the chosen sports club changes the rules and Francescas boss plays her out she’s forced to find a new solution and finally makes her way.

For a taster, read bits from the first chapter “Breakfast in the morning” story or tune in the audio below. If you’ve ever worked in corporate, or as a start up I think you’ll love it… And if not, well, at least it was only £2.31! 

Get the full story here or buy your copy on





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