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A story set within the dynamics of managers, business owners, intrigues by colleagues, love affairs and other bizarre situations in the world of fitness and official bodies. The young smart, sexy, successful Italian woman makes her way from a financial crisis troubled marketing career, surrounded by bullies to become a successful entrepreneur.  Get the book on Amazon

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Short Story – “In between – Reflection” from the book SMART SEXY SUCCESSFUL

I remembered a Toyota ad clip with a personnel woman suggesting to her boss: “The design can be done by students, the creativity will be brought in by kids and the work will be done by monkeys”. The management role actually was left out. Maybe they were planned on absent right from the beginning with a year round holiday or wherever.

I remembered years ago when I did my vocational training with a chemical company, one of the global players. The company worked with real professionals who had many years of experience. Everything was organised. The professionals had high qualifications and were really capable as well as innovative. Decisions were made for a healthy business growth. Nowadays, the management and everyone act just for the moment, for the quickest success, which results in the long-term in a really unhealthy business, destroying most of them.

Keira and I laughed on the phone thinking “Once upon a time…” and for both of us, it became clear that not everything was as we had learned.

Finally, Keira, who had studied fashion design, said: “As we designers say in fashion, there’s a new set of rules every season”.

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Happy New Year 2016

A new year’s first week. A fresh start. A new chapter in life to be written. New questions to be asked, embraced, and loved. Your success and happiness lies in you and be kissed by someone who loves you as much as you do. Cheers to the New Year wishing everyone a smart sexy successful year 2016.

HAPPY NEW YEAR – Short Story

It was about 12:00 o’ clock when Sisley had just finished her article “Three characteristics of the woman who has been named by The Times “Woman Of The Year”. An article she was really proud of and was just uploading her work on the platform she wrote for. One to empower woman.

Now she was ready, set for New Year’s Eve. She had planned to go to the English Theater’s costume ball. The entry was being dressed as any English character as a costume. She had arranged to go with her fiancée Boyce and she had spent hours the week before to get the perfect outfit for her.

Boyce would go as Mr Bond. So her costume of course would be a Bond girl, but so far Boyce would not know which one and as the story goes he had agreed to meet her at the party. The phone rang. It was her fiancee Boyce: “And everything, ready, set? Which Bond Girl will i meet tonight?” Sisley replying: “That’s gonna be a surprise.”Well” he said: “Than I’m excited if I will chat up the right Bond girl as I intend to spend the whole night with my Bond girl and I got a surprise, too.”

Sisley wondering: ” Oh, Mr. Bond has a surprise and WHAT should THAT be?” Boyce: “Well as far as i know we are “On our majesties secret services” and I can keep a secret. So i meet you there at the English Theater.” Sisley is giving him a smile through the phone. “Well, maybe you meet Trench, Sylvia Trench.” Boyce: “Oh, the one, James Bond mimicked his trademark name. Bond. James Bond. This was in “From Russia with love, wasn’t it?”

Sisley: “Oh, really, I didn’t know, that, she said it first. I need to get some things done here, honey, and i meet you at the St. James Bar at 8 pm?” Boyce: “Sounds good, I’m excited in which Bond movie we actually are tonight.” He laughs and blows a kiss through the phone. Sisley speaks in the phone: “I love you Boyce. See you.” Sisley puts down the phone and feeds her cat, Makadi, a British blue, who loves winding around Sisley’s legs while Sisley is standing at the phone.

8:30 pm Sisley walks through the St James Bar doors in a tight black leather trouser, white blouse, a black Blazer in a costume cut style and a black hat. The place is already crowded and a handsome guy in a dark suit is sitting at the bar. Yes, it’s Boyce in his James Bond Outfit, looking really good. Sisley walks up towards the bar and takes the seat next to him. He looks over flashing only a gaze with a silent smile. Sisley orders a Martini on ice and lemon. He is drinking a non Bond signature drink, a Bourbon.

Sisley is starting the conversation: “Is Mr Bond waiting for someone in particular or on any of his missions?” Boyce: “Who do I have the pleasure with?” “Teresa di Vicenzo, I’m pleased to meet you Mr. Bond.” Boyce replies: “I’m on my Majesty’s secret services. Teresa, Contessa Teresa di Vicenzo? I’m pleased to meet you. I was given this for you.” He hands over an envelop with Teresa’s nick name, Tracy, written on it. “Many thanks Mr. Bond.” She zips on her Martini and opens the letter with two tickets to London with the first flight on new year’s day. She looks at Bond than saying:” The pleasure is mine, so we have a long night ahead, I hope it’s worth it.” Boyce (as Bond): ” I know a comfortable place to go to with an amazing view to spend some quality time and I’m sure it’s well worth it.” He flashes his charming smile at her and she follows him through the bar outside to his car.

At midnight she finds herself in the pool at the Steigenberger’s Airport Hotel on the 21st floor. Her arms around Boyce’s neck. He holds her hands around her waste. Five seconds before twelve o o’clock they cheer their champagne glasses, they look out of the huge glass front where an breathtaking firework lightens up the sky in all colors. Green, red, golden, a million stars are sparkling at the sky. They look at each other and share a long kiss before they take off in the morning.