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Another Story – Life is Sweet – A new wardrobe

“Vanity rejects all healthy nourishment and lives exclusively on the poison of flattery.” as Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach once said. And so it was on a Saturday noon when Susan came to meet Sisley for lunch.

Sisley was still at the Spa to get a little beauty facial and manicure to be ready for tonight’s surprise that her fiancé Boyce had announced three days before when Susan called her on her mobile: “Sis, you won’t believe that, I have to tell you this. Can we meet in the city, I can’t tell you all that on the phone.”

Sisley surprised: “Oh, Su, I didn’t know you are back, I thought you were still in Berlin. Chris had made a comment last week that sounded more as you would stay there for a little longer. But how wonderful you are in town.”


Su: “Oh, Chris, he made what comment? This is why I need to talk to you, you won’t believe what he’d done. I’m still speechless and don’t really know what to do. But I can tell you.” Sisley: “Well, yes. I’m hear at the Bella Spa in the town center, but I need probably one more hour at least, Boyce had announced a surprise for tonight so I rather be ready for whatever.”

Su: “Than why don’t meet at the Tattu’s at a quarter past one?” Sisley: “Yes, that’s perfect, honey, it’s not far from here anyway, so see you there. Bye.” Su: ” See you. Bye.”

Sisley rushing down the king street, trying to avoid any window shopping even her eyes spying a beautiful baguette bag in the perfect shade to match her shoes for tonight but anyway she’s thinking maybe she can get it later on her way back. Turning left into spring street passing Deansgate and finally turning  into Fountain street.

She’s right on time and Su is already waiting at the bar winking at Sisley: ” Sis, hey, oh how great to see you! Wow you look wonderful” Sis: “Hey Su, lovely, great to see you, too. Yes, Bella Spa is always doing a great job, they are amazing.”

Su: “Oh, that’s true, but for me right now I think I need a drink, that’s the best that will do” Sisley: “Well, honey, yes, let’s get some Martinis and than tell me what happened. Honestly you look like a ghost has welcomed you for your return.”

Su: “A ghost? I wish it was just a ghost.” The two walk over to their table and Su continues: “Yesterday, I arrived at five and took a cap to my house. I actually came three days earlier as original planned. And when I came in already the neighbour looked like me like what I was doing here but I had no time for explanation and got into the house.

But you won’t believe what Chris has done. When I came in all my pictures, from my families, kids, holidays, and other personal stuff were gone. All my decoration where taken off the walls, and when I went to the bedroom, I opened the cupboard and found a whole new collection of leather and all kind of black silicon.”

Sisley with open mouth nipping on her drink starring at Su: “Really, Chris?” Su nodding than shaking her head: ” Yes, Chris, this always so innocent but flattery Chris! And I can tell, you. All the time when he talked to me on the phone while I was in Berlin he always asked me things like if I don’t want to stay like opening a business in Berlin and every time I said I’m coming over he was like no I should do something on the house, really like he didn’t wanted me to come back here and I wondered why cause I had already sorted all the issues why I went over anyway.”

Sisley wondering: “So what did he do, he removed all your things?” Su laughing: ” Yes, he removed all my stuff. So I went over to the neighbour trying to find out what was going on. And he was like Chris had told him that I’m going to stay in Berlin that we had split up. The neighbour said he had asked Chris after he had seen him with another woman and I haven’t been here for months if anything was wrong.”

Sisley: “So he told the neighbour you had split up and would stay in Berlin, and got another woman? But he kind of didn’t let you know anything about splitting up? What was he thinking? You stay in Berlin and he gets another girlfriend did he think you wouldn’t find out?” Su finishing her drink: ” Don’t ask me what this man got in his mind. I have no idea. Maybe something like this was his idea. Yes.” The two sitting at the table shaking their heads.

The food arrives and really tastes delicious. Su: “Yes, well, man! What else to say. And of course he confirmed the whole thing when he came home with his new accessory on his side. You should have seen his face. The woman acted like it was her home not mine. I can’t tell you. But I kicked him out. But actually I don’t know what to do now. I don’t intend to go back to Berlin, I don’t even know why Chris was thinking that. I have all my clients here, all my friends my whole life.

But what would you do, would you give it another, forgive it?” Sisley: “Forgiving it? Are you crazy? I think this is totally over the line! Don’t.” Su: “Yes, you are right, oh, you won’t believe what I all found in my flat all that shit that belongs to her.” Sisley: “Forget him, he had been seen with other girls all around town.”

Su: “Yes, I know this is not the first time, but they come and go.” Sisley: ” Yes, but you don’t really seem happy about and this no, way! No one is worth your tears and the one who would wouldn’t make you cry.” Su: “Oh, well, yes, that’s actually true.”

Sisley: “Why don’t you come down to London tomorrow, there is a great party at the river themes tomorrow night, just to get out of your cloud of thoughts, I’m sure there are some interesting man who might can turn your head around and make you forget about your new wardrobe collection:” Su: “Oh, I already thew it all out, I packed all his stuff including hers last night. It’s all already out my house. Actually, I really could need a little change, getting some inspiration and replacements to fill my empty wardrobe…..and as you once said, London is always a good idea.”