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Cozy Sunday

Page 60 from the book Blossom Hill by Natalie Hush

She sits down; Mia puts her arms around her: “This is ridiculous, they poisoned him? How did they do that?”

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Kisses for breakfast

Sisley had spent the afternoon walking through the shops and got a great outfit for tonight, she had bought some leather leggings, a white shirt with big letter graphic print and she got her hair done with some new highlights at Tony and Guy.

party outfit

At six thirty she was standing at Strand waiting for John and his girl-friend who had promised to pick her up for the concert. Opposite the road Sisley was staring at a huge poster displaying Rob, the singer she had previously met and partied with in London, the weekend before she had moved up North. The header was showing – live in concert tonight.

And there a limo was stopping the window got down, a girl shouting “Hey, Sisley, jump in!” Behind the girl was John smiling at Sisley asking “Are you ready?” Sisley was surprised she had no idea they would come with a stretch-limo, but then got in. She only knew John was a drummer of a band, she had not even asked for the band’s name but it seemed this concert was bigger than she had expected and yes, it was.


They drove towards Echo Arena, the biggest concert hall in town and the excitement was growing. They stopped. John passed on some backstage passes for Sisley and his girl-friend, then he left and took a separate entry. The girls went to the main entry. And yes, this was actually Rob’s concert, Sisley couldn’t believe it. Inside was a massive stage build with a bridge running over the audience’s hall in a circle.

The show had started and while Rob was singing Angel’s he was rocking over that bridge, getting really close to the people. He stopped at the point where Sisley and Rob’s girl-friend were standing and asked the two to join. Sisley screamed and jumped in the air she couldn’t believe it and now the three were singing and dancing running over the bridge and at the end of the song in the middle of the stage Rob looked at Sisley and kissed her.


Of course, he had recognized her from the weekend they had partied before. He was the one who went off with one of Sisley’s friend who had been disappointed because Rob had had a different idea of a one-night stand than her that night as he his was rather a “menage a trois” or more. So, Sisley wasn’t surprised that he just kissed her as part of the show. It was great fun, Rob gave them a wink and the last song played than they all disappeared backstage.

It was a blast, but it wasn’t over, yet, they now moved on to the after-party. At five thirty they took their way home all sitting in the stretch limo again including Rob back towards Strand.

Sisley still had her car at the pier, but she really was too tiered now for taking a drive home and Rob asked her to stay with him the hotel was close to the pier. Sisley smiled, what was that an invitation?

And, yes, she agreed.


A few hours later Sisley woke up, she remembered they had partied here with some more people. This wild party scene she just had had on her mind had that been real or just a dream? She shook her head and wasn’t sure about. But now there were only the two, Rob and her. And yes, Rob was laying close to her and all she could feel on and about him was pretty real, Rob smiled at her and the morning started with kisses for breakfast.


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Drop off &Liverpool

The weekend was over.

After dropping Nicole at the airport Sisley took the M3 towards the North to Macclesfield near Manchester where she would start her new job.

At 11 pm she had finally arrived at her hotel. The first two weeks she would spend in the hotel and then moving into her new apartment rent by the company.

The next morning Sisley woke up early and had a look through the room: a terracotta colored carpet with a flowery pattern on top of the marble floor, a red rose flower wallpaper, curtains in a thick dark green and a small flower mix print from yellow, blue to red.

London house islington

Yeah, and the reading lamp next to her bed on the side table: flowery, a mixed pattern of a wildflower potpourri. Yes, exactly the traditional British style. Walls decorated with the world famous Sanderson flower wallpapers and not to be missed: shortbread, a tea cooker and a choice of assorted tea were placed on the sideboards.

Sisley pulled back the curtains and against the usual rainy weather in the North of England she found a cloudless blue sky with bright sunshine. She took this as an opportunity for planning a trip to Liverpool and Manchester as she would start her Job on Thursday only….


Right after breakfast Sisley jumped into the car making a stop on the next gas station to get a map of the northeast area, filled up her tank and moved on towards Liverpool city. An hour and a half drive and she arrived at the pier.

She parked her car and went over to the peer staring into the water of the River Mersey. The water was more dark and muddy, rather than fresh and clear, but Sisley was fascinated as it was flowing, rough and wild, moving in a fast rhythm. She remembered the song “I’ve got a feeling” from the world famous Beatles who first started playing songs here in this City. Somehow England really had its own Rhythm.

High Tide River Mersey

Standing there she looked back to the weekend the times she had spent with her friends how far away this all seemed to be now. Time had passed from old school days to now, everyone was moving in their own stream in different directions.

One was living in London, Mel starting a new career in finances, Nicole was staying in Germany and had her focus more on marrying a well-situated man and keeping her life in comfort without much effort, another close friend would shortly move to LA in the US and Sisley would stay up North for a year to further her career with the company.

Two years she had to wait for that move after her apprenticeship that was the rule by the company and yes, she had made it, she was the one chosen from the many applicants and she was only 23 years old by now.

Not really knowing what to expect but looking again in the waters of this wild flowing river that was moving on fast she knew she wouldn’t stand still, that this was a time of change.

The days in the office of the last two years sometimes had felt heavy and long and she had sometimes felt bored. Breathing this fresh air now felt really good and she was excited for a new experience in a new city,  new country.

She had been in England only once before at age sixteen, she had spent a week in London with her mother where they had seen the Musical “Cats” that was so popular at this time and Sisley always had that passion for dancing.

She went to the little shops at the peer, looked at a present exhibition “Dali’s life” was at the Tate Liverpool branch. At the exit she met a guy and they started talking about having lunch at one of the little coffees. They still offered Brunch John suggested one of his favorite drinks a “bloody mary”.


Sisley had had that drink already at the London weekend. The history of the bloody mary was as complex as the drink itself. Reportedly named after Queen Mary I of England, it had become a global phenomenon and graces the tables at the best brunches. Sisley wasn’t sure if she was a fan of this drink but was thinking why not!


John was a drummer from London and he was playing with his band here in Liverpool and Manchester this weekend. Asking Sisley: “Don’t you want to come to our show tonight? I’m sure it’s going to be a blast….




Short Story – London Calling

Sisley a young graduate who had a job offer near Manchester and took the whole tour from Italy to her new home by car had planned to make a stop in London to meet with some friends earlier from school.

One of her friends Mel had lately moved to North London and another friend Nicole would fly in for the weekend so all three would spend the weekend together.

At three o’clock she arrived and parked the car near her friends flat in a small Road in Islington.

London house islington

She called her friend who was still at work, who gave Sisley an address where she could meet her. Sisley took a cap one of those typical London caps which was better than taking the own car to the City at the rush hour.

At four she arrived at the agreed meeting point. Mel was already waiting outside the office. Sisley paid the cap and got off. They haven’t seen each other for a while it must have been more than two years since they last met.

Sisley was hugging her friend and Mel was screaming for joy. Then they moved on getting something from the shop and back to North London to Mel’s flat.

At seven Nicole from Italy arrived. For tonight they had planned to go out: Starting in a SOHO pub where they would meet some of Mel’s colleagues and later on, they would join a party in a club.

When the girls arrived at their first destination of the night, Mel’s colleagues were already in the pub and had ordered the first round. One of them was impressed asking: “Wow, you flew in from Italy just a few hours ago and you took all the way from Italy by even driving on the left side, you girls are really tough.”

At eleven they moved on to the Club where they had a special party. The music that was playing was a mixed house, some soul, and R&B. They got some drinks and started dancing. It didn’t take long, and they got an invitation for another round of drinks from the lads standing next to them.

London Party 03

It turned out the guys came from Leeds and they actually were the Leeds football team who had a game here and were now having their triumph party in the club. Nicole was excited, and she immediately got close to one of the Leeds-Team players.

Sisley and Mel could bet who Nicole would spend the night with and they probably wouldn’t see her for the rest of the weekend.

Saturday morning Mel and Sisley were in deep sleep when at six o’clock in the morning Mel’s phone rang. It was Nicole asking for the address again and if she could come in now. Something with the Leeds guy she had met on the party before had gone wrong. Once she had opened his hotel room she had found out that there was one too much in the room actually more than just one too much. The guy didn’t invite only Nicole but two more girls were already waiting there and a threesome or more wasn’t Nicole’s idea of one-night stand.

The girls got up at eleven and all could have had a couple more hours of sleep. Somehow the excitement for some shopping on Oxford street was stronger than sleep as there was another party for Saturday night announced and they had to get some topnotch outfits.

Lndon Oxford Circus

They got ready for their shopping tour starting at Morgan, Kookai, Topshop, left side of Oxford Street up and the right side back down, a short coffee break at Nero’s and back to North London. For dinner, they chose PizzaExpress that was always a good choice and you knew what you would get. The girls talked about old times and how great this City was, what cool guys they had met the night before.

Back to the flat now they had to hurry up to get ready, dressed in their party outfits and a good makeup had to do as they all had the dark shadows from last night under their eyes.

London girls makeup

Sisley loved this City and asked Mel if she could stay a few days longer as she would start her new job only on Thursday. Mel agreed, and Sisley called her Hotel to change her booking that she would arrive three days later. Partying all night long this was really a fantastic club, full of famous people, everyone looked amazing and they had live singers, Go-Go’s and they were asked to sit in the VIP area, Neil was already there with some guys and they all danced the night away.

Early in the morning Sisley and a good looking guy who had introduced himself as Rob were standing at the stage screaming into the mic “Rock me, baby…” Than Sisley got a Solo dance part, the crowd was screaming, the champagne was still floating over some body parts and Mel’s hair meanwhile had changed to a sexy wet look. Some flashlights went through the room which eventually would make the title picture of a favorite daily.

At almost four o’clock in the morning Mel and Nicole came over to Sisley asking for going back to the apartment. Sisley and the guy she had sung with “rock me” and danced with all night were hanging close together they quickly exchanged phone numbers than Sisley kissed the guy goodbye on his cheeks and joined the two girls for leaving the club. Nicole decided without further ado to join the cute guy she had danced with and who was already sitting in a Taxi waiting outside the club, while the other girls chose the taxi behind.

At this point, Sisley didn’t even know who she was hanging at the club with and whose number she just had gotten. Only the next morning she would find out that this was that Roby – a famous star, who she had partied with when she saw the “Sun’s” daily newspaper front cover displaying Roby, her friends and her with the Headline “Roby rocks it!” and a more detailed description about the Rockstar.


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i- Land – a double Irish and a Dutch

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 A double Irish and a Dutch

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Messages from Hunt

Seven o’clock in the morning and Avoka hears the pinging of her phone: “A good morning coffee cup from Hunt.” She smiles and sends a message back. “What a lovely thing to start the day” and sends a song, Good Morning, Good Morning, with a remake video of a traditional 50s couple. Hunt replies with “love it” and a big kiss picture. Avoka gets ready for her first course. This week her courses are crowded with a professional tennis player group and she gets many positive feedbacks for her courses.


Avoka has a day off and spends some time, in the nearby city but she’s happy as she comes back to the room. The country really seems to be poor and there are not many choices when buying something. Back in her room her phone rings. Hunt is asking, “Where are you sweetie; did you hear that?” Avoka says, “What?” Hunt says, “There was a shooting in the National Museum in Tunis; they killed over 20 people.” Avoka turns on the TV and watches the picture on the news channel reporting the present happenings. Avoka says, “Oh, no, I just see it on the TV.” Hunt asks, “This is not that far away from you. Seems like they are targeting tourists and this will keep your guests away. What are you going to do?” Avoka says, “Well, I’m not sure if I’ll stay. I’ve got discussions going on for a Dublin role so I will see. The way they plan me in here I don’t like it much anyway and the country is very poor. I’ve told you what happened on the first day, so honestly, this is not really my cup of tea. And this news now doesn’t comfort the idea of staying here really. The only good thing is the people like my courses.” Hunt replies, “Well, I see, but it’s nice to hear your voice. I’ll send you some pictures later on. Have a good evening, honey!” Avoka replies, “Yes, you, too sweetie.” They finish the phone conversation and the next is calling. Ian who she had met in Dublin shortly before she had left for Tunisia. He’s asking if everything is alright, and that he had heard about the shooting in the museum. They chat for a while and Ian asks if she wants to return to Ireland. Avoka explains she thinks about it and that she has talks going on with that internet guru and agrees to stay in touch with him, and that they try to meet together as soon as possible. Avoka puts the phone down and gets ready for dinner.

Down in the restaurant, she’s sitting with Lucy the dance teacher who does the standard dance courses, who is asking, “Did you hear this?” Avoka replies, “Yes, my love just called me.” Lucy says, “Yes, my boyfriend called me, too, asking if I’m coming back.” Avoka asks, “And what are you going to do?” Lucy says, “I will only stay for one more week anyway, but you? You are supposed to stay seven months, aren’t you? Look at the tourists here. It really looks like business as usual. Did the Management say something to you, how to deal with it and what to say to the guests?” Avoka replies, “No, not yet.” Lucy says, “But this is strange, I’m sure the guests will come up and ask about.” Avoka agrees, “Probably, I’ll just tell them to contact the team leader. They have more info about the whole issue.” Lucy says, “Well, that’s a good idea; that’s what I’m going to tell them, too. By the way, have you heard something from Switzerland? You said you wrote them an email about the incident in the disco and that they told you this bullshit about the dancing in the show?” Avoka replies, “Well yes, I had a talk with this Marcus, this older guy who is running around here; you might have seen him. He is the Area Manager for the animation teams worldwide.” Lucy asks, “So what did he say?” Avoka says, “He listened then he explained not all of their guests would be such sex maniacs.” Lucy says, “Well, I think, at the moment, here with this senior men’s golf group, they really hit it, but it’s also because they have those offers running at the moment for really low budget travel and of course this reflects on the niveau of the guests. I think in summer this might change; when the prices go up the niveau rises as well, but honestly, you will always have some of these guys here in this resort.” Avoka agrees. “Yes, that’s true.” Lucy says, “And regarding your work hours that you want to work only the courses, what did he say about that?” Avoka says, “He said that he would see me for the courses but not for the night entertainment if this was a problem for me, and suggested two options. One could be a freelance contract or otherwise, we would need to go separate ways. So, I said for me it’s fine with a freelance contract but I would need to check the costs for the private health insurance. But it’s okay and I already agreed to it in writing with Switzerland. So, this is in process.” Lucy says, “Wow, I’m excited how this works out, but as I understood you wouldn’t mind leaving anyway, would you? Especially after what happened today, it wouldn’t be easy for them to find someone else.” Avoka nods. “Yes, true, but I think this will also leave its marks on the guests. I don’t think there are many tourists who want to travel to Tunisia right now.” Lucy says, “That’s right I wouldn’t book it and would cancel the booking if possible.”

The two girls are finished and walk over to the bar. Some girls from the kids’ animation team are talking about Tommy the Club Manager. Rita says, “Oh yes, this Tommy had his eyes on Alex. What kind of Club Manager is this, who chats up such young girls? I do find it kind of strange.” Martina, also a girl from the kids’ animation team, replies, “Yes, and I heard he is always like that. I’m really happy that we are only here to next week and leave after the Easter weekend.” Lucy looks surprised at Avoka. And there comes Lukas hooking the two girls Avoka and Lucy in his arms, “Ladies, how nice to see you in the lounge, what would you like to drink?” They both go for a Martini Bianco and Lukas makes his way to the bar. Lucy says, “Oh, no, please don’t leave me alone with him; we drink fast and then we go, okay?” Avoka agrees. “Okay, good idea.” Lucy looks over to the left side of the bar where Lilian is waiting. Lucy asks, “Have you seen this Lilian? She stands there almost like a hooker.” Avoka laughs, “Yep, and she talks like one, too. I can’t understand; she is so young, not older than 23, but do you know what she said last night?” Lucy says, “No, tell me!” Avoka replies, “Well, we were having a drink and I was happy that so far I had not to find any excuse why I didn’t want to spend my night with a sixty-something year old and then she starts talking like “Oh yes, now you sleep on your own” to this guy who was sitting with us, one of the senior men golfer group. When we were just about to go she said, ‘Yes, without sex it doesn’t go.’ Lucy stares with her mouth wide open at Avoka. “She said that to the sixty-something year old?” Avoka nods. “Yep, and he started saying, ‘Oh, I have to sleep all by myself, so alone.’ I just left quickly, saying I have to be fit for my yoga class tomorrow morning and went off.” Lucy gasps, “No way, Lilian, with a 60-year old guy? It’s strange anyway; they only employ these young girls here for animation, whereas they have an audience that’s more a middle age range. I remember years ago, they had more major people here.” Avoka says, “Yes, I don’t understand this either.” Lucy says, “The same for the shows; years ago, they really had professional people, especially the dancers, and now they have those teeny- looking kind of overweight girls. In particular, for those ballet dance scenes, they are just, too fat, for that. And instead of taking someone like you who has how many years of dance experience in ballet, more than seven years, and who really has the look and moves for it? I don’t really know who makes the decisions here and why. But this whole thing lost drastically on quality. I wouldn’t like to have such young guys around for entertaining people from 40+ would you?” Lukas comes over with the drinks, “Ah, Lucy you are exactly my dream woman.” And he keeps staring at her. Lucy is just rolling her eyes. “It’s a good Martini, isn’t it? Avoka, don’t we have to go now, we have to be fit for the sunrise yoga class tomorrow morning, don’t we?” Avoka agrees. And they say good night. On the way, over to the staff house, Lucy is shaking her head, “I can’t believe it; this guy is married and has kids at home. And his wife’s really, beautiful and she comes here sometimes, too, but he doesn’t leave any moment out and I’m so not interested in him. I don’t get it; what do some men have in their heads? He also knows I have a boyfriend.” Avoka laughs, “I don’t get it either. In the first week, I was sitting at lunch with a couple who had just arrived and when I had to do the sauna infusion this guy was in the sauna flashing all his pride towards me with a big smile asking me if I would do the sauna infusion. Not really something you do when you are here with your girlfriend, do you?” Lucy looks at Avoka, “Seriously?” Avoka nodded, “Yes, but the best part, last week I was standing at the salad buffet and guess who was there? The same guy–he looked at me, and he recognized me, too but he didn’t even say hello or anything else and when I went out to the terrace he sat with a couple and his wife, as far as I could hear and no, it wasn’t the same woman he had been here with a few weeks, ago.” Lucy says, “No way. Yes, some men, you don’t know what to say.” Avoka agrees, “Yes, and they were talking some business issues–some construction business. The classic wife for the money issues and the Latino girl-friend for fun in between?” Lucy laughs, “What a great combination.” Walking towards the entry door they both see dark men sitting on the sideway between the trees. Lucy stops, frightened, and then releases, “Oh my God, I thought it’s a terrorist.” Avoka says, “No, it’s a security guy, but I was just as scared as you. Any person I see here, that I don’t know, my first thought coming up is it could be a terrorist.” Lucy agrees, “Yes, I feel the same. I will be so happy when I’m back home. I can’t tell you.” They arrive at Lucy’s room. Avoka keeps walking to the end of the corridor and finally arrives at her door.

Back in the room, Avoka looks at her phone. A sweet good night message from Hunt saying, “I sleep better when I hear from you.” She replies with a big kiss and the message “Me, too and my day is better when it starts with you.”

Read the full story here…..

by Natalie Hush