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Mel Calls from London

The next morning Sisley’s phone rang, Mel, her friend from London was on the Phone: “Hey Sisley, how is it going on up North? I’ve been out last night with my colleagues you remember the one we met the time you came over, here?”

Sisley “Sure, I remember your colleagues.” Mel: “Yes, they told me to go to Newquay, the UK surfer paradise, so what do you think about next weekend, let’s go there?”

Sisley: “Wow, there is a surfer paradise on that island? Well, yes we can go there”! Mel: “So cool, so we meet there next weekend? I check for Hotels and let you know.” Sisley: “Alright, honey, let me know by tomorrow and I’ll be with you.”

Friday afternoon Sisley thinks: “Thank God it’s Friday!” this week past so slow she can’t tell how happy she is this week is over, most of the time she hadn’t had much to, do. In the office, people would explain her their job and then turn around complaining how less time they had and explaining to her would take so much time, too.

A really nice place to work in this kind of atmosphere when your colleagues were so motivated in helping to explain their job, so you could help them out. Sisley thought cynical.  But anyway, Sisley was just happy and so excited for the weekend that she had planned with a friend to spend in Newquay.

Walking towards her car, the secret couple Tina and Phil passed by wishing a great weekend and of course both took separate cars but coming from and driving home to the same address – so no one would get aware of their affair. Sisley just smiles wondering how silly that actually, was shaking her head than smiling to both: “Have a nice weekend, I’m driving down to Newquay, I need a little different scenery.” Jumping into the driver seat, Sisley turned on the music driving all the way down south-west towards Newquay.

girl car 2


At 6:30 pm she arrived at the hotel. Her friend Mel was already there, starting to scream when she saw Sisley: “Oh, Sisley, you made it on time, great, let’s go to the beach right away, you won’t believe what guys are there, I spent the whole afternoon at the pier, wow….I’m so excited!“ Sisley: “Well, I just drop my bag and yes, then we go to the beach, can’t wait.”

The two girls walking down the little street from the hotel to the promenade towards the pier. A bright smile on Sisley’s face comes up, looking at the wide blue ocean, the waves shivering, with some wild ones coming in between and at the front of the waterline a group of surfers. One guy just coming out of the water, shaking his mid-long hair in the background the sun slowly going down. Sisley’s breath stuck, she imagined having a great time here but looking at this, it was going beyond her imagination. The guy looking up biting on his lips than looking towards Mel and Sisley flashing a bright smile.

beach-1853903_1280 - Copy

Mel: “I told you the guys here are hot.” Sisley almost speechless, her breath still stuck and her words coming out spluttering: “Yes, you said that and it’s more than true!” The girls walk on by and move on to the beach bar having a drink. The hot surf cutie passing by: “You look like you’ve just arrived, where are you from, ladies?” Mel: “I’m from London, I’m Mel and my friend Sisley she’s from Manchester, we needed a break from big city life, and I guess we found the perfect place for it on this island.”

The cute surfer guy: “Yes, you could say that this is the place to be if you want to have a good time. I’m Nick by the way. Nice to meet you. Mel: “Pleasure.” Sisley just winks with her hand saying “Nice to meet you.” Nick goes on: “Do you girls also surf or you’re more enjoying the wellness part? If you girls like to meet tomorrow morning we’ll be here from 10 o’clock”, he paused than continues: “Riding some waves?” He twinkles with his eyes: “Just an idea if you’re up for surfing.”

Mel and Sisley look at each other, eyes wide open, and both answer at the same time: “Yes, of course, that’s why we are here for, surfing, it’ a great idea, we’ll be here tomorrow morning.” Nick: “Great than see you tomorrow.” He winks with his hand and walks back to the group who’s already packing the boards, towards the pick-up and Van on the parking area. Nick walks towards the Pick-up opens the driver door. He then turns around waving at Mel and Sisley shouting calling at the two with his bright smile “You don’t want to miss it.”




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After Eight – secret numbers

The two girls sitting in the Italian restaurant. Tina starts talking about last time she had been here with a girl-friend who came to visit her for a weekend. At that time there had been a similar waiter, who they, later on, had met in one of the clubs and her friend went off with him so she had to spend the rest of the night on her own. Now asking Sisley: “I hope you’re not going to do the same to me tonight? Actually, with this guy I could understand, even I would run off with him despite having my boyfriend Phil.”

girls dinner.jpg

They continue talking about the new trainee, Su, who works for Tina on some research projects and a new study for natural rubber and Claudia the Austrian finance trainee. Sisley already had met Claudia and wasn’t that impressed about her.

Both trainees Su and Claudia had their accommodation in a private house with a teacher couple and they had just a small room each. The couple’s kid’s rooms as their children both presently study at a German University.

Claudia had immediately made a sharp comment about why Sisley had a three-room flat and they had only a single room in a family home. Claudia somehow did not want to understand what program Sisley was in and that the company paid for everything.

Sisley wanted to be nice and had offered Claudia to stay in her third room that wasn’t used by anyone for free. But Claudia had preferred to complain instead of accepting Sisley’s offer.

Tina just laughed and said: “Are you stupid to offer her your room for free, you should ask a 100 bugs a week at least, with that interior!!! Anyway, be happy that you don’t have that bitch in with you, she’s going to stay for six months, imagine she’s hanging in there all the time!” Sisley laughed, Tina was probably right.

Both girls were finished with their main course now and there comes the surprise dessert: the house-made Tiramisu, a grappa for each, a dark espresso and after-eight-mints. Next to it secretly including someone’s phone number.


Tina and Sisley smiled. Sisley starring at the phone number than asking Tina: “You want to call?” Tina seemed to be totally into the guy despite her boyfriend, so Sisley handed over the guy’s phone number saying: “Have some fun, honey.” Tina smiles “Thanks, Sys! Not for tonight. We have another party to join.,” and takes the phone number hiding it in her purse than looking up again “but for any other night.” Tina adds with a dirty smile and she thinks about the nights she sometimes spends on her own.

call me.PNG

After having paid their bill the two moving over to the Cutting Edge club around the corner where they have an invitation to join another party with VIP guests and which is the favourite club of some Man United players who live close by.

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Out and about – Manchester

The first week had passed really fast. Sisley had already found an evening activity where she would join the Gym in Manchester and in addition, she had found a dance session at the Zion arts Center in Hume. An area that wasn’t really recommended to go to and once she had mentioned it at the office the “Ladies” were shaking their head that a “girl” could not go to such a place. Sisley just laughed about it and the “good soul” confirmed her that it wasn’t that bad.

For Sisley, it wasn’t even a question to go to that area and of course, this was okay. Many students and dancers attended at this dance hall and it was a great class very interesting. They learned a lot about dance improvisation by the well-known teacher Julia and her assistant a gay guy who seemed to be bored by almost everything but acting in such a funny way that it was cute.ballet-843050_1280

Once Sisley started to dance his being bored actually disappeared and he seemed quite excited about her moves. Immediately he came over performing next to her. It was a great night, Julia also recommended a guy who would teach street dance as Sisley had asked for someone to teach at the Manchester sports club that she had joined at her arrival. And just a week later the guy Julia had recommended would start teaching at the sports club. Sisley was really pleased about so she could join twice a week some of her favourite dance classes.

Two weeks later after the introduction on one of the sales desks, Sisley took over the holiday cover and managed the job well on her own. The three other sales desk ladies were surprised how she handled it with such ease as themselves who were doing that job since ages had sometimes more difficulties in dealing with the people and seemed to be much more challenged with the tasks than Sisley was.

The German girl from the trainee program Tina came over and asked Sisley to go for lunch. At 1:00 pm they met and went over to a pub. She gave some more insight of the internal relations and how it was not liked by the management and everything had to be kept secret.


She told a story about the finance director and an admin girl who were a couple and married now. In the beginning, she had worked here in the department for him but once it came out that they had something going on she had been moved to another department. By company rules, it was not allowed for couples to work in the same department.

Tina also announced that there would start two new trainees one from Germany and one from Austria at the beginning of the following week. The German trainee was already older like twenty-eight years old and was married which was unusual for the trainees they normally had but she had good grades and was at the end of her study and would do work on a marketing project. The Austrian girl was a trainee in business administration and would work in the finance department.

Tina and Sisley arranged to go out the following weekend. Tina had suggested Pizza Express in Alderley Edge where they also had a good nightclub.


Friday night at seven o’clock Sisley was ready and drove over to Tina’s house. She had a four bedroom flat in an old Victorian house, the interior looked more like an Ikea showroom. Tina laughed as Sisley said that then she asked her to come into the living room and showed Sisley her latest IQ-Test result. Somehow she seemed to be obsessed with this.

She also flashed Phil’s results on Sisley. Phil was actually the guy Sisley had previously met in Germany as a trainee and who worked in the same department as Tina. Why did Tina have his Test Results in her living room? Sisley was thinking. Tina cracked a smile and said: “You don’t know, do you?” Tina asked, “And please keep it a secret, nobody knows this in the company but Phil and I we are together already since over a year.”

Sisley was surprised and was now standing there with an open mouth, rolling her eyes saying: “What?” She could hardly believe. Tina was long over thirty and the guy was hardly over twenty and had an attitude like a little school boy. But then she thought: Okay, Tina is such a dominant woman, that’s obviously what she needs one who she can command and does anything for her. Then she replied: “Well, why not, but you’re really good at hiding it. I would have never thought about you two being together the way you act in the office.” Tina answered: “Yes, but this is why Phil was in Germany last year because he is with me and I asked him to because this would be good for his career.”

Sisley just thought: Sure, two weeks in Germany will be really further someone’s career who has no self-motivation at all but anyway. Tina was now praising her IQ-test: “Ha, ha mine is two points higher than his.” Sisley couldn’t believe how stupid this woman was despite her IQ-Test score. Why had someone such a need to show off like that? Sisley asked: “Oh my stomach, I’m starving, I had no lunch today. Common let’s go I love the Pizza Express they have such crispy pizzas and their pasta are so yummy.

Tina said: “Oh, yes let’s go I love their foods too, I always love to eat both pizzas and their pasta and they have a “carne” I just got to have it.” Sisley asked: “You want to eat that all on one day? Oh, how about we share some of it then we can have a taste of all of it?”

The two girls left the house and went over to the cars. Tina had a new Polo with a right-hand wheel she had just bought a month ago. She would stay here another 3 years so her program went for four years in total. Sisley was supposed to stay for a year. Sisley followed Tina towards Alderley Edge and at eight thirty both arrived at the Pizza Express.


They had reserved a table and the waiter accompanied the girls to their table. They had such handsome guys as waiters, tall, dark hair and dressed in these white, leger Shirts. This one had such strong green eyes and of course a sexy smile.

Tina stared at him, swallowed and sat down on her chair. “He got a nice trained chest, doesn’t he, looks different from Phil, doesn’t he?” Sisley commented laughing and Tina replied: “Well but this guy you won’t have for your own, probably, do you?” She smiled.

”Well, you can’t have everything!” Sisley smiled than saying: “Why not?” Tina was wondering: “So what you mean, one who is true to you for your own, and the other one good looking to share?”

Sisley, nodded with her head saying: “Could be an option, couldn’t it?” Tina stared at Sisley: “It’s an idea yes, I never thought of it, and not that you come up with such ideas, you look so decent, but actually a quiet one is a good option.” Tina sipped on her drink. “I did not know you are so creative!”

And there he was the hot southern country looking guy: “You want me to take your order, Ladies?” Sisley answered: “Yes, we would like to share some dishes, so we can order some more and have a taste of all of it, that’s okay?”

The waiter looking at Sisley straight into her eyes: “You want a taste of all of it?”

Sisley replying: “Well, yes, from the offers in the menu, of course, or are there any specials not listed on the menu?”

The waiter “Yes, the main courses are all on the menu, but we have special surprises on the desert, so I will let you know after the main courses, but keep some space for it.”


Sisley and Tina shortly exchanging some eye contact than they place their order for the hors d’oeuvre and for the main courses for the desert they chose the surprise…




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Sisley’s first day at the office

Sisley had looked up at her map how to take the quickest way from the hotel to the UK office and despite the traffic jam in the mornings which the receptionist warned her about and she had considered that in her route she had made her way through in about twenty minutes. She was introduced to the new department the marketing manager who was her direct report and responsible for her.


Standing in a typical sixties build office some colleagues in Germany had already told her about. One huge floor separated in two divisions the black rubbers, amino acids and some plastics and on the other side all dealings with the white agents for chemicals. You would see the open plan office with the sales desks and on the side the manager’s offices with glass windows, each having a marketing assistant placed in front of their office, so that the assistants were still part of the open plan office and the classical corner office for the director with the PA desk in the front.


Also in sixties style, Margret, who had the look of an original Marilyn Monroe. Blond hair, red lipstick and that bombshell size body covered with maxi jersey dress. There was the over-sized good soul who did the logistic part, the bossy, snippy Grace and the conservative one in an old-fashioned girly look dress Iris, the “I-know-it-all-girl”. The four woman who were all around age fifty and part of the office Inventory.

marketing desks

The Marketing assistants were quiet young twenty two year old Diana and twenty five year old San the Indian guy who took the Wallstreet business approach or at least tried to be a copy of it.

Two sales consultant who would be occasionally in the office but most times they would consult customers. Here was Susan a calm and quiet girl from Australia who’d started with the company a half year ago, who seemed really a friendly person. And Sisley’s sales friend who she had already met in the hotel who would now come in pretending not to know her.

On the other side were a girl from Germany doing the Marketing Key Accounts, she was part of a special developing training program and came from the same head office as Sisley. They had the same desk placements as on the marketing side Sisley worked for.

The guys who would deal with the customer queries, logistics and a very young guy who she had previously met in Germany where he had worked as a trainee.

In addition, the finance department was on that side and then there was the sales assistant who would lose his head in anything but his work: James. He was sitting opposite the huge retriever, the filing system that was for the whole company, so every time you would file something you would have the pleasure to chat with James.

After the introduction from her Marketing Manager Dave, Sisley was introduced to all employees of both departments. So, the first hour passed with a hundreds “nice to meet you”.

At eleven she had an appointment with the PA of the CEO of the company. She complimented Sisley’s English, gave some explanation about the organizational stuff, and made some arrangement with a real estate guy who would show Sisley a flat, where she could move in within the next two weeks.


At lunch time she was ready and went with the people from her department to a pub near the office. Half of the crew went for chips and guess what? Gin tonic or a lager.

An hour later all the staff was back at their desks working the afternoon through. Margret the Marilyn copy got an order from her boss, not understanding a single word he had explained right after the lunch, she was at her best mood thanks to the gin tonics.

She was looking at Sisley asking: “Did you understand what he was saying? Than you do it, I’m slightly drunk.” Than giggling. For Sisley it was funny to see someone at work with this kind of attitude she had to smile about it. She quickly did the ordered task and Margret was very thankful for Sisley to be there.

Sisley left a bit earlier to meet the real estate agent who showed her a beautiful flat in an old refurnished school building that had now eight beautiful decorated flats.

school flat

The house was built in stone and set in an L-shape with an area as a car park. It was a beautiful flat and in a good condition. Sisley agreed and the real estate agent made all arrangements so she could soon move in.

That was great as she did not expect such a standard for housing as England was known for a housing standard you really had to get used to when you came from Germany. But here she was positively surprised and agreed for this beautiful flat to become her new home….