A road to continue?


Sunday afternoon the two girls Sisley and Mel are diving the M5 passing Exeter Mel tells about last night when Marc had picked her up with this hot Cabrio a red Alfa-Romeo Spider.


road trip.jpg

They had taken the Riverside Coast Way driving through Pentire towards West Pentire and the drive had been amazing. Marc had been playing the song crazy in love than he had taken a right turn at the Riverside Avenue diving the little path towards the coast and stopped the car.

They had an impressive view over the sea, the water in turquoise color was coming into the coast side and ended in the deep blue while huge waves were breaking and spreading against the big rocks – amazing natural wonder.

Marc had looked into Mel’s eyes and came very close with a smile on his lips he had closed his eyes and started kissing Mel. Mel felt like in heaven his kisses were soft and warm. She felt his strong muscles at his back and she sank comfortably into his arms and kisses.

The sun slowly went down they paused looking through the front window watching the sun like a red fireball slowly going down. Marc asked to continue the trip he knew a nice place where they could stay overnight.

At Pentire Point was a small lodge and they had rooms left. It was a beautifully decorated room called the moon sweet. Everything was decorated in dark blue shades with stripes and the bathroom in sand tones. And of course, they had a fantastic view on the little coast were the water was breaking at the rocks.


After the dinner, they had taken a twenty- minute walk along the seaside and had ended at a little base. They both were sitting on this shot runway looking at the bright shining moon when Mel suggested “Why not have a little swimming in the ocean? Did you ever go swimming naked before?”

Marc were smiling surprised and answered: “Swimming naked? Would you like to? No, I didn’t do that ever before. Okay, I’m with you.” Both had taken their close off and they slowly walked in to the water now standing close together. Marc kissed Mel and they dived into the water. Mel put her arms around Marc while he was swimming, so he felt her body on top of his back.

Both laughed and giggled. As it was so dark, the moon was the only light shining, that any unknown stroke on their legs felt weird and scary. Marc turned around and now they were both standing in the water again kissing each other and feeling the love in the waters of the deep blue sea.


By eleven they had returned and had ended the evening with a hot bath.

Mel was swarming she had a total crush on the guy but not knowing if this had been just this one weekend or if this was a story to be continued.

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Now it is almost one o’clock. Sisley paddling back to the shore, interrupting Mel and Marc by asking them if they would also like to go for a snack or having a light lunch.

beach bar

The three go over to the little beach-bar where they order some tuna salad and sandwiches. Marc suggesting to Mel: “How about renting a car for the afternoon and go for a drive along the coast?”

Mel almost jumping in the air for happiness: “Oh, that’s a great idea, Marc! I would love that. Sisley what do you think we rent a cabriolet and let the wind blow the hair.” Sisley replying laughing: “Ah, well and playing Thelma & Louise? Nice idea. But no, I think you two should go for a joy ride on your own I will stay here do a little shopping, manicure and just enjoy the sun, chilling at the beach here.”

Mel: “Oh, well, yes that sounds nice, too. But yes, we will go for the car rental, don’t we Marc?” Marc replies with a smile: “Yes, cool. We can go there, right after lunch.”

Nick passing by and on his way back he stops at the table of the three: “Hey, guys, you have a seat for me here?” Marc: “Yes, of course, it’s yours, here sit down, Nick, you’re welcome.”

Nick replies: “Thanks Marc, so you enjoyed the waves this morning? I see your other friend made himself comfortable surfing in his own way in the sand, watching the Babe’s waves. But you guys had some good moments on the water, didn’t you?”

Mel: “Yes, and the afternoon we will go for a coast ride, we’re renting a car!” Nick: “Oh that’s a great idea! So what are you guys doing tonight, any plans?” Mel: “Oh, we don’t know but it probably can be late till we come back, I’m sure it won’t be before midnight.”

Nick: “So what are your plans for the evening Sisley?” Sisley replies with a smile on her face and a bright glance in her eyes: “Oh, I don’t know, just relaxing having dinner somewhere and chilling.” Nick: “Oh, well that sounds nice too, how about doing that together, would you like to have dinner here in one of the fish-bars? I know a great place with the best fresh fish one of those secret places.”

Sisley answers: “Oh, a secret fish-bar, you want me to show the best place in town tonight, how could I say no?” Nick: “Well, then I pick you up at seven, tonight at your hotel, okay?” Sisley agrees: “I’ll be there at seven o’clock.” The guys are finished with lunch and get up everyone goes there way.

Nine o’clock Nick and Sisley sitting on a corner table at Blue’s fish bar with an amazing view over the ocean and the little harbor. After the seafood plate and a bottle of champagne, they are waiting for a lemon parfait and mousse au chocolate. Sisley: “It’s such a beautiful place, one would not expect such a romantic scene here in Newquay.”

Nick: “Yes, it’s unusual for Newquay but I like this quiet place it gives you a moment in time, but the rest of the town has it’s very own flair, you’re right. But I somehow love this mixed atmosphere. I actually have my apartment on the other side, but also with an amazing view on the ocean. If you like and still have time after dinner I can take you there. It’s on top of this hill. You see the light over there?” Sisley nicking with her head: “Yes.” Nick:” It’s next left from it.


Sisley gets curious and agrees. The two get the bill and take a ride with Nick’s motor-bike: Sisley sitting close to Nick her hands wrapped around his hip and it’s an amazing night taking the route on the coast, driving up the small hill, she feels like in a dream. Twenty minutes later they arrive. Nick stops the motor-bike in front of a huge white villa. They walk up the staircase. Nick takes Sisley on her hand and smiles at her. “Do you like my house?” Sisley is speechless they enter the hall which is designed in a modern Italian style and with a huge terrasse.

Nick opens the glass door and they step outside the balcony. Nick: “Enjoy the view, I get us a drink, I’ll be back in a minute.” Nick switches on some lights and music and comes back with some Martinis with lemon on eyes. Sisley still speechless: “Wow, this is a lifestyle, surfing all day and that’ where you’re living spending the nights? I’m impressed, this is like a dream.”

Nick: “Yes, I like making my dreams come true and right now I see another one standing right in front of me.” Looking at Sisley he puts his hand around her shoulder and gets close to her lips: “So you like to dream a little dream, then close your eyes.” And their lips meet, they start kissing passionately getting close together.” Nick holds Sisley tight and kisses her neck. Then he pauses: “Would you like to go inside? I would.”

Both move over, going upstairs and Sisley can’t trust her own eyes she feels so overwhelmed. Lying down on the bed she just closes her eyes, and they start rolling all night. In the early morning hours, they fall asleep.

It’s about twelve o’clock Sisley wakes up with a bird singing sound and a soft kiss on her lips, opening her eyes she looks into Nick’s big green eyes and a bright smile. Nick whispering in Sisley’ ear: “You’re ready for a new day?”

The jalousies open automatically and again Sisley can’t trust her eyes this is too good to be true Sun rays shine into her eyes and she looks on the blue turquoise ocean in a shimmering light. Nick has prepared a breakfast in bed including champagne and yes she’s ready for a new day smiling into Nicks face: “Yes, I’m so ready!” biting on her lips looking at Nick asking: “So, are you?”

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Saturday morning 10 o’clock: sunny, cloudless sky, 32°
– bikini perfect fit.

Sisley and Mel are standing in the warm sand looking at the horizon of the blue ocean. Mel: “Oh, what a day, how amazing is this? Look at the guys they are already on the boards, surfing!” Sisley: “Yes, this is unbelievable, look at the one with the colored shorts, it looks like Nick from yesterday, does it? It’s insane how he’s standing on the board and that body!” Mel: “Oh, I can’t wait, come on let’s get some boards too, and go into the water.”

beach surfing

The two girls walk over to the little stand where they can borrow some boards. Two dudes are already waiting and turn to Mel and Sisley: “Are you experienced in surfing or new just like us?” Mel: “I’ve stood a few times on a board but lying on it actually is the easier part for me.” The two guys smile: “Well, we see which water pose we will prefer today.”


Ten minutes later the four are equipped with their boards and the neoprene suits taking their steps towards the water. One of the guys walking straight into the ocean, jumping off: “Oh, this is not hot that’s f***cold. How can these guys over there hang out in the water just like that all day?” His friend joining him: “Oh, that’s freaking cold water, ladies you want to join to make it a bit hotter over here.” Mel and Sisley smile looking at each other than Mel is asking: “Oh, some like it hot?” Sisley: “Okay, let’s refresh a little.”

They join the two and start to paddle, lying on their boards. Mel and Marc, one of the two guys start standing up and taking the first waves. The two enjoy the ride of waves in the morning but that’s not the only thing the two like, to enjoy and it doesn’t take long till they find themselves on just one board, catching some sunlight and their lips meet.

Caught by surprise that her friend found that quickly the right tanning pose Sisley is still fighting with the balance on her board and has spent most of the time in and under the water while the other guy, Brendan, already gave up after five minutes because of the cold and meanwhile had made him selves comfortable at the beach with his Ray Ben sunglasses on, observing the beach life.

girl floating board

Sisley finally has enough as her body is already cooling out despite the neoprene suit and she decides to change her outfit into the little red Moschino piece again. Now using the board also in a different way to lay on top of it, feeling the sun on her skin and just floating.

She’s watching Nick who seems like he just can’t get enough surfing on top of the ocean wave after wave. Sisley is impressed by his surfing skills and how easy he gets his way through those powerful waves, his body toned he’s just looking amazing and she starts dreaming. They have one more day before the weekend is over, could there be one night only?