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Saturday morning 10 o’clock: sunny, cloudless sky, 32°
– bikini perfect fit.

Sisley and Mel are standing in the warm sand looking at the horizon of the blue ocean. Mel: “Oh, what a day, how amazing is this? Look at the guys they are already on the boards, surfing!” Sisley: “Yes, this is unbelievable, look at the one with the colored shorts, it looks like Nick from yesterday, does it? It’s insane how he’s standing on the board and that body!” Mel: “Oh, I can’t wait, come on let’s get some boards too, and go into the water.”

beach surfing

The two girls walk over to the little stand where they can borrow some boards. Two dudes are already waiting and turn to Mel and Sisley: “Are you experienced in surfing or new just like us?” Mel: “I’ve stood a few times on a board but lying on it actually is the easier part for me.” The two guys smile: “Well, we see which water pose we will prefer today.”


Ten minutes later the four are equipped with their boards and the neoprene suits taking their steps towards the water. One of the guys walking straight into the ocean, jumping off: “Oh, this is not hot that’s f***cold. How can these guys over there hang out in the water just like that all day?” His friend joining him: “Oh, that’s freaking cold water, ladies you want to join to make it a bit hotter over here.” Mel and Sisley smile looking at each other than Mel is asking: “Oh, some like it hot?” Sisley: “Okay, let’s refresh a little.”

They join the two and start to paddle, lying on their boards. Mel and Marc, one of the two guys start standing up and taking the first waves. The two enjoy the ride of waves in the morning but that’s not the only thing the two like, to enjoy and it doesn’t take long till they find themselves on just one board, catching some sunlight and their lips meet.

Caught by surprise that her friend found that quickly the right tanning pose Sisley is still fighting with the balance on her board and has spent most of the time in and under the water while the other guy, Brendan, already gave up after five minutes because of the cold and meanwhile had made him selves comfortable at the beach with his Ray Ben sunglasses on, observing the beach life.

girl floating board

Sisley finally has enough as her body is already cooling out despite the neoprene suit and she decides to change her outfit into the little red Moschino piece again. Now using the board also in a different way to lay on top of it, feeling the sun on her skin and just floating.

She’s watching Nick who seems like he just can’t get enough surfing on top of the ocean wave after wave. Sisley is impressed by his surfing skills and how easy he gets his way through those powerful waves, his body toned he’s just looking amazing and she starts dreaming. They have one more day before the weekend is over, could there be one night only?


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