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Message from Hunt – part II

from the Book i-Land – A double Irish and a Dutch

The next morning Avoka is having her breakfast early and takes a stroll on the beach.  Some guys dressed in security uniforms are walking the beach as well. Avoka is not really, sure, as at first sight she doesn’t know if it’s more for safety or more scary – will he say hello or is it a terrorist who points his gun in your face. But he friendly greets her. So she is recording some sound of the ocean and draws a big heart and Hunt in the sand and a good morning in big letters above the heart. She takes a picture and sends it as a Whatsapp message to Hunt, including the sound of the waves and the ocean wishing a wonderful morning. Then she starts her first yoga class. A guy who had previously worked for this club as global fitness instructor joins her yoga, as well as a couple from the professional tennis player group who are amazed by Avoka’s course. Also, the sponsor of the professional tennis player group joins Avoka’s Pilates course and comes to every Pilates class she teaches and they are impressed how good it does and which positive impact it has on their body, especially on their back and shoulders, which had felt like being tortured during last week’s tennis match.

In the afternoon Avoka comes back to her room wondering why she hasn’t received any message from Hunt. The phone rings. It’s her team leader asking for a talk with him and the club Manager. Avoka walks over to the Club Manager’s office. Tommy the Club Manager starts talking, “Yes, Lui asks me to support him as it is about your hours and some issues you also talked with Switzerland and Marcus about, as I’ve heard.” Avoka agrees and listens. Tommy suggests reducing her hours but wants to keep her on an employee contract. He particularly doesn’t want to agree to a freelance contract. In addition, he wants Avoka to serve the salad and do a wellness-night weekly, in total with a cut off of two hundred euros. To Avoka this doesn’t really sound like a good offer when she compares it to the amount, of hours as a freelance trainer in Germany. For her it’s clear she’s not going to stay because she doesn’t see any reason from the financial side at all. This whole job takes a totally, different direction from teaching fitness courses and dancing shows to serving salad, drinks and sauna infusions. But for now, she agrees to reduce the hours and do the salad thing. Lui keeps on talking that otherwise this would be a guest trainer contract, who would not get any money but free accommodation. And he doesn’t seem to understand that Avoka normally gets paid a higher hourly rate. But she gives up trying to explain. Both of the guys, Lui and the Club Manager himself, have started in this Club as amateurs and obviously never had an apprenticeship or any other education. Avoka suggests, that she would prefer, to leave. Tommy nods and then asks, “Could you stay till we find someone?” Knowing that she has only 7-days period of notice and she can go at almost any time, she agrees.

Walking back to her room she now has a message from Hunt. Disappointed every time she sends him some romantic message or writes something with real thought, there’s not much coming back, especially not at the weekend when he goes out clubbing. And she knows he must have been with someone else this morning that’s why he didn’t reply.

She remembered last week when he had started a chat and it got really hot. He had asked for a photo of her in her Casino look and replied how he loves woman wearing a bow. Avoka had sent a picture with a big kiss showing her in a white blouse, bow and black vest. He replied, “Oh, this is sexy, you look so cute, you make me hot.” Avoka replied, “Wow, this turns you on?” Hunt confessed, “Yes, I won’t deny it. Are you in your room or is your boss sneaking around?” Avoka replied, “I’m back in my room. And you, still in the bar or home sweet home?” Hunt writes, “Home sweet home, I’m already in my bed. But how could I sleep now?” Avoka asks, “Why, what’s wrong?” Hunt writes, “What’s wrong? You are asking me what’s wrong? My blood pressure goes up when you send me pictures like that.” Avoka replies, “Oh, shall I be sorry, or can I help you somehow?” Hunt sends back a big smile and a “Maybe? How about that?” And he posts some pics with a couple where the woman is biting into a man’s chest. Avoka replies, “So what do you want me to do? I’m here with my lips on your chest. Where do you have your hands?” Hunt replies, “You know where I want you to go with your lips farther down. And I have my hands on your neck.” Avoka replies, “Oh, yes I can feel this and your hands, too; you’re teasing my nipples and get me wet.” Hunt sends another picture with a couple undressed and a woman’s wet pussy. Avoka starts searching on the Internet for a picture with a pose; surprised that there is really for every pose a picture to find, she sends back a woman on a blow job. Hunt writes back, “Oh, baby, you get me so wild, I really put my hands on, feel free to do that, too.” Avoka replies, “Do you mind if I use a little technology?” Hunt replies, “Go for it. You should feel a relief” then he sends some picture of a man who takes the woman from behind. The pictures are now more porn and this goes on for hours.

They had done such games before. But Avoka had clearly stated she would not do this if the situation wasn’t like that and if he hadn’t suggested they take the next step. She had met Hunt at her father’s cousin’s wedding. That time she had just got the job with this IT giant, Fruit of the Loom in Ireland, and she had proudly reported that she would move to Ireland in about a week. Hunt had replied, “Oh, then you really hit it well, don’t you?” Avoka agreed, not knowing at this time that this kind of job was anything else than a “hit” or maybe a “hit” but not in a positive way. They had exchanged contacts on Facebook.  At the wedding, they had had many sweet surprises for the wedding couple. One of the surprises was for every guest to write a postcard and bind it on a red heart balloon filled with gas. All balloons were then let go, all at once. Avoka had written a quote “love will always find its way” on the card for her balloon and had let it go together with all others. She had taken a picture of the red heart balloon sky that she had posted on her facebook page and which Hunt immediately had liked. He also had posted on her wall a Paul Coelho quote, “It’s okay to think you’re right but not to think that your way is the only one.”

They now were in constant contact since Avoka had come back from a Lanzarote holiday and had written on her Facebook wall “If the sun will fit into my suitcase?” Hunt had commented, “Did you also think about the over-weight?” Avoka loved his way of someone who was on one site really grounded but could also totally lose his mind into fantasy. Since that moment, they had written daily on Whatsapp sharing kisses, good morning and good night messages and sometimes talked on the phone. But so far, they had never met apart from this one afternoon at the wedding. In the beginning, he had made every effort to meet her. This was right after she had moved to Ireland. He had called because one of those texts got confusing on a message where he had enthused about coming over for an Ireland trip would be nice. And Avoka had replied, “You’re welcome but not without your no contact,” which was her mistake as he took it as a double denying which would be a yes. But she actually, did not mean yes. So, he had called her on the phone, “Oh, you are a stupid cow; what you wrote means yes…”

But now they had this daily communication and they had talked about it that Avoka was not into that one-night stand thing but rather looking for a real relationship and was more interested in getting to know him and taking it slowly to see if there would be a basis. Hunt had agreed, and said, that he was in a difficult situation at the moment as his father had recently died of cancer and had said, “Just give us more time, but we should take it a step further.” So, whatever he had meant, Avoka took it as he was interested to get to know each other. She also had asked him before, if he was interested. But so far, he had not made any more effort to visit her in Ireland. Once the topic came up he had said it was so far away and the prices for flights were so high, there was no direct flight, only with a stop in London. So, he found a thousand excuses not to come over but the communication between the two went on and sometimes they had those plays, even though Avoka had clearly said, “I don’t want to be a Whatsapp fantasy.” He had replied that he understands this and that’s not what it was. On one occasion, he had chatted her up on Whatsapp and then didn’t reply. On Avoka’s question he replied this typical phrase, “I’ll text you later.” This was then two days later, and again he texted with kisses and ‘good morning angel.’ He explained he had met someone in the coffee who he hadn’t seen for a while and they went dancing. Avoka knew what “dancing” meant to him. And at one point he wrote he does not want a relationship. But the texting went on and the communication was almost like a couple would talk, the pictures accordingly. Also, the short times Avoka had spent in Germany between her move from Ireland to Tunisia he had avoided meeting her. But Avoka was so busy in that week, as her father had a heart operation and was in the hospital, that she didn’t give it much thought. But now here it felt the same again and Avoka did not really understand what it was about. When he was seeing all those other women, why this 24-hour Whatsapp chat, talking like a married couple at all? And he knew what Avoka was talking about. The day she had quit her “Ireland brand number one tech customer support job” she had posted on Facebook a picture of a woman looking at the ocean and on the back of the woman’s vest was written, 1. Buy a ticket, 2 Quit your job, 3. Fall in love, 4. Never come back. He had copied the picture and ticked points 1-3 and on point 4 “falling in love” he had written “in process”. So, what a was it about? Avoka was really, disappointed as she had imagined that they might meet here in Tunisia or maybe a weekend in London. But he never took a chance, whereas this texting continued.

Avoka received an email from the agency who contacted her for that new job in Ireland with that leader in Internet marketing. She had made it to the next round. So, the guy from the agency was asking for dates for the next Google hangout. She arranged some interviews also with another company who was interested and then went to the daily morning meeting. She was scheduled for a safety course and made a note in her calendar on her smartphone. The team leader got upset and shouted, “All phones in your pockets; in my meeting are no phones allowed.” Avoka kept scheduling her safety course, explaining that that’s her calendar where she makes notes. The team leader shouted back, “Either you put the phone away or you go out.” Avoka stood up, saying, “What a kindergarten!” then left the building. She thought what was this? How old fashioned was this? She didn’t use the phone for playing or making phone calls; this was like her pen and paper. She did her courses well; so far, many clients were praising her courses. The tennis player sponsor was always in her Pilates course and was swearing how good his back felt since he did the course. Another member agreed and most days the courses were full. So why did this guy have to act so stressful?

She moved on through the day teaching classes. After the last class Avoka closed the room then looked at her phone. A Whatsapp message from the team-leader asked if she could come to his office after the class. Avoka wondered so now it was okay to use a phone when he used it as communication tool? She walked over and Lui together with the resort trainee presented to her a piece of paper, a written warning, and asked her to sign. He complained that she was constantly using her smartphone. Avoka thought she was in the wrong movie, thinking of the Dirty Dancing scene where the big boss tells Neil, “Come, I’ll show you how to fire a staff member.” She explained again why she uses the phone and that she finds it funny that she agreed to stay here till they find another trainer and now he comes up with a discipline warning letter. He had nothing to say to this and Avoka said, “Well, then I quit now, within my seven-days probation period.”

She went back to the room and wrote the contract termination. First thing in the morning she walked over to the Club Manager’s office and handed over her resignation letter. She really had enough. She came here for teaching classes and all her participants were very pleased; many of them had given great feedback and explicitly written they enjoyed in particular Yoga and Pilates with Avoka. But everyone else had a problem with it. The Club-Manager signed the contract termination and had to arrange the flight back to Germany and asked her to go over and also inform the team-leader. Avoka went over, giving a copy of the termination letter to the team-leader who was in one of his meetings, who immediately took out his phone to take a photograph for sending the letter copy to the Swiss headquarters. One of the guys who had been in the meeting the day before when it was announced so loudly that phones were not allowed in the public area nor that meeting laughed, shaking his head about how naturally he took his phone to take a photograph but denied others using a phone for common tasks like a calendar entry. This really was a joke or more the need of the small man to make himself feel important.

Avoka went over to the pool bar where she met the girl from the teen animation; she had quit as well. The management had told her it would be her responsibility when the kids drink. She said for her it was impossible to watch over 20 kids, ages 14 to 18, at night time between 12 pm and five in the morning and no one had told her this before. She was quite upset and had scheduled her return flight herself. As she lived in Switzerland the company would only cover the flights for the return to Germany. She also complained that it was bothering that they had to attend the disco at night and she was tired of explaining that she did not want to sleep with those over sixty year olds, as this question came up almost every night. The same as Avoka, she wondered about the niveau of that holiday resort as she also knew this as one of the better establishments but she found the kind of “flirt” was more the kind of really low establishments. It was more like the “higher” the guest niveau the less their inhibition threshold.

Avoka had another appointment at the club manager’s office and when she came in she heard him saying to his assistant, “Where is this lawsuit for sexual harassment? If this lies open around here this would be a catastrophe.” She was just shaking her head; of course, that fit perfectly into the picture from what some animation girls from the kids’ club had said before. She was just happy when he confirmed her return flight.

Avoka had her last team meeting where Lui announced that she would leave “going back to the real world” and then brought up the usual thank you hymn. Moodi, a guy from the Tunisian animation team, came over and took her in his arms, saying, “Stay as you are; you’re amazing.” Anita on the other side was flashing her happiest face and saying things like what a great day this was when Avoka leaves, making noise like she was almost getting an orgasm. Lui looked at her, wondering. “How can this make you so happy?” and shaking his head, then saying, “Girls!” The other evening presenter, Kay, also put his arms around Avoka, asking, “Oh, you can’t do this to me, leaving me here alone” and wishing Avoka a good return flight. He was also in talks with the Club Manager to leave, as he did not like the whole job in the club.

Early Saturday morning Avoka was on her way to the airport and she couldn’t wait to be gone. Sitting in the bus she looked at the rising sun, a natural wonder in North Africa that always impressed her. She loved the light; somehow it had such a different luminosity, intense hues, and reflected nature in such contrast. She always had loved that about the African sun. But she knew this was probably the last time for a very long time she would see the African sun. She took a picture and wrote “Colors bleed through the sky into my skin – Memories someday.”

She sent the picture with the quote to Hunt, waiting for a reply. Two hours later she already had checked in, ready to board the plane. She took a last look at the phone–still no message from Hunt. Left with a feeling of disappointment, she entered the aircraft. Silently she had hoped that she might meet Hunt this time, while she would be in Germany, and she knew, that this wouldn’t be long, maybe for one or two weeks. She already had the next interview on Monday morning with this Internet giant. At seven o’clock she was finally at home or better said at her father’s house, who wasn’t at home. He had recovered very well from his heart OP and was off on the weekend so she had the house for herself. At around ten the pinging sound on her phone appeared, a message from Hunt: “Welcome back.” And with the next pinging sound wishing a goodnight and a kiss. Avoka’s question why he replied so late and not in the morning he answered with a quick “I thought you had no Wi-Fi connection.”

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