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Part V – “What is it you think I don’t want?”

Chapter II Sisley’s first day at Cargo City South from the book Airways – I’m not in Hollywood

“I would like to turn the car around, seeing you?”

Sisley swallows and repeats: “You want to turn the car around to see me and you don’t know if I want this?”

“Yes?” he repeats while questioning.

“Mhhhh, so yes, you can turn the car around and guess, I think I want this, too.” Sisley now stumbling.

“Yes, really? Okay, I already turned around, I’m with you in five minutes.” De Rick answers. Sisley smiles from ear to ear.

Five minutes later, the doorbell rings. Sisley opens the door taking a step out to the corridor. Hearing his steps on the stairs. De Rick walks up the stairs and there he comes up to the third floor. She can hear him saying in his Flemish accent “Oh, these stairs they get me breathless.” De Rick jokes, looking at Sisley and flashing his brightest smile. Sisley is smiling at him, too.

“Oh, the stairs leave you breathless, do they?” she’s kidding. De Rick reaches Sisley’s door, grabbing her around the waist both stumbling into the room. The door falls into the lock. In the background the radio is playing. Standing in the middle of the room. De Ricks arms around her waist, Sisley slinging her arms around his neck. Both slow dancing starring in each other’s eyes and smiling at each other. “I wasn’t sure if you like it but I’m so happy you said yes.”  De Rick says, feeling relieved and smiling from ear to ear.

“Well, it seems like the absolute perfect summer night, tonight. Both kissing and starting to take the clothes off. Sisley got her hands in his trousers back pockets and they are stumbling over to the bed. De Ricks lying on the bed, Sisley taking off her last bits and they start rolling on the sheets.


She walks over to the bath then opens the balcony door and steps out. Rick comes over puts his arm around her and kisses her neck. Outside the temperature measures thirty-four degrees.

 “It is still so hot in the middle of the night,” Sisley says with a sighing sound in her voice.

“Yes, this is actually the hottest night in the year, they even reported that on the radio and the heat is still in the air.” De Rick replies. He kisses her and they slowly walk in again.

“Wow, we stick together like glue,” Rick comments with a smile. Both laugh. “Oh, my god!” Sisley is laughing.

“Let’s see if it’s a good sign or a bad one.”

“It must be a good one of course!” She adds and there they go for round number three.


Five o’clock in the morning. ”Wow, two hours more to go and I have to get up!” Sisley says astonished. “So, this means you want to go to sleep, now?” de Rick is looking at Sisley.

“Yeah, at least two hours sleep wouldn’t harm, would it?” Sisley jokes.

“You can come with me! I take you to the airport. At what time do you have to be there, latest?” de Rick offers Sisley a ride to the office.

“Ten would do.”

”Cool that gives an hour more, does it?” He kisses her. “That’s true, okay then I come with you.” And there, they both fall asleep.

Hotline & Bills

Treasure passes by with the Airways slogan. “I’m not in Hollywood” Treasure sings in a melody while already on Sisley’s door, he stops “Does your phone work? I can get calls but can’t do any outgoing calls.” He asks Sisley.

Read the full story here Chapter II Sisley’s first day at Cargo City South from the book Airways – I’m not in Hollywood

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