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HAPPY NEW YEAR – Another Story

It was about 12:00 o’ clock when Sisley had just finished her article “Three characteristics of the woman who has been named by The Times “Woman Of The Year”. An article she was really proud of and was just uploading her work on the platform she wrote for. One to empower woman.



Now she was ready, set for New Year’s Eve. She had planned to go to the English Theater’s costume ball. The entry was being dressed as an English character as a costume. She had arranged to go with her fiancée Boyce and she had spent hours the week before to get the perfect outfit for her.

Boyce would go as Mr. Bond. So her costume, of course, would be a Bond girl, but so far Boyce would not know which one and as the story goes he had agreed to meet her at the party. The phone rang. It was her fiance Boyce: “And everything, ready, set? Which Bond Girl will I meet tonight?” Sisley replying: “That’s going to be a surprise. “Well,” he said: “Than I’m excited if I will chat up the right Bond girl as I intend to spend the whole night with my Bond girl and I got a surprise, too.”

Sisley wondering: “Oh, Mr. Bond has a surprise and WHAT should THAT be?” Boyce: “Well, as far as I know, we are “On our majesties secret services” and I can keep a secret. So, I meet you there at the English Theater.” Sisley is giving him a smile through the phone. “Well, maybe you meet Trench, Sylvia Trench.” Boyce: “Oh, the one, James Bond mimicked his trademark name. Bond. James Bond. This was in “From Russia with love, wasn’t it?”

Sisley: “Oh, really, I didn’t know, that, she said it first. I need to get some things done here, honey, and I meet you at the St. James Bar at 8 pm?” Boyce: “Sounds good, I’m excited in which Bond movie we actually are tonight.” He laughs and blows a kiss through the phone. Sisley speaks on the phone: “I love you, Boyce. See you.” Sisley puts down the phone and feeds her cat, Makadi, a British blue, who loves winding around Sisley’s legs while Sisley is standing at the phone.

bar-918541_1280 (1)

8:30 pm Sisley walks through the St James Bar doors in tight black leather trousers, white blouse, a black Blazer in a costume cut style and a black hat. The place is already crowded and a handsome guy in a dark suit is sitting at the bar. Yes, it’s Boyce in his James Bond Outfit, looking really good. Sisley walks up towards the bar and takes the seat next to him. He looks over flashing only gaze with a silent smile. Sisley orders a Martini on ice and lemon. He is drinking a non-Bond signature drink, a Bourbon.


Sisley is starting the conversation: “Is Mr. Bond waiting for someone in particular or on any of his missions?” Boyce: “Who do I have the pleasure with?” “Teresa di Vicenzo, I’m pleased to meet you, Mr. Bond.” Boyce replies: “I’m on my Majesty’s secret services. Teresa, Contessa Teresa di Vicenzo? I’m pleased to meet you too. I was given this to you.” He hands over an envelope with Teresa’s nickname, Tracy, written on it. “Many thanks, Mr. Bond.” She zips on her Martini and opens the letter with two tickets to London with the first flight on New Year’s day. She looks at Bond then saying:” The pleasure is mine, so we have a long night ahead, I hope it’s worth it.” Boyce (as Bond): ” I know a comfortable place to go to with an amazing view to spend some quality time and I’m sure it’s well worth it.” He flashes his charming smile at her and she follows him through the bar outside to his car.


At midnight she finds herself in the pool at the Steigenberger’s Airport Hotel on the 21st floor. Her arms around Boyce’s neck. He holds her hands around her waist. Five seconds before twelve o o’clock they cheer their champagne glasses, they look out of the huge glass front where a breathtaking firework lightens up the sky in all colors. Green, red, golden, a million stars are sparkling at the sky. They look at each other and share a long kiss before they take off in the morning.

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Rooftop party

Bernhard standing on the rooftop just opening bottle champagne: “And ladies, how about a nice after midnight dinner, you two girls and me?”



Nicole looking over to Sisley shaking her head. Sisley asking interested: “Oh, a midnight dinner, sounds interesting, how exactly does this look like?”

Bernhard: “Well Ladies, I have booked a suite here next to the radio bar, and we can order per room service whatever you like.” Sisley turning towards Nicole: “Oh, whatever we like.”

Nicole smiles: “Okay, than let me just have a look what they have on offer, you know I’m a huge Asia fan, don’t you.”

Bernhard: “No, I didn’t but yes, I also like sweet sour, it’s always a good idea, but take your time to make your own choice. But as I understand you girls are with me?”

Nicole smiling at Bernhard: “One, moment.” She grabs Sisley and the two, walk over a the Bar passing the VIP Lounge. Rob is still hanging there with his groupies not even recognising that Nicole and Sisley are on the party tonight. They just pass by. They both already had their experience with Rob Nicole actually left and Sisley remembers a hell of a night with Rob.

The two order some drinks and Nicole turns towards Sisley: “Well, I have an idea, we are going to join him, bind him on the bed, put on a blind and order some Asian girls and a butler. And then we go and have our own suite. What do you think?”

Sisley: “Well, are you crazy?”

Nicole: “We keep the butler there who makes sure it’s not going to wild, and that nothing happens that anyone doesn’t want.”

Sisley laughs. Nicole adding: “I’m not interested in a threesome, I remember the party with Rob, even not with him. Have you seen him, he didn’t even recognised you are here. I’m sure he also stays here tonight with his whole team. I am going to book my own suite now, and you can still decide who you want to spend the night with. So are you with me?”

Sisley: “Mmmh, I definitely won’t spend the night with Bernhard, he is so crazy, even having the idea of asking us. I can’t believe. But yes, let’s order him some dishes with a butler. Why not.”

The next morning Sisley and Nicole sitting in the hotel lobby taking time for an English Breakfast. At around eleven o’clock Bernhard joins the table: “Ladies, you are still here? I had an incredible night.”



Nicole: “Oh, really? Let me guess sweet sour.” Sisley ads: “And I don’t want to know more about.”

Bernhard: “Well, a gentlemen enjoys and keeps quiet.” and with a grinning smile on his face: “And you girls having a traditional English breakfast this morning, I see. Well I prefer a French, croissant and a strong coffee.”

Sisley: “Sure. Why don’t you take a seat?”

Rob coming through the breakfast hall, stopping in the middle of the room, starring at Sisley and Nicole. Then walking over stopping at the table: “Nicole, Sisley you are here why didn’t you tell me?”

Nicole: “Yes, we are here, and we were here last night.”

Rob: “Oh last night, did you see me? Oh, yes you did, I can tell by your face, but it’s not your thing as far as I remember.”

Nicole: “Oh you remember, actually there was nothing to remember that included me.”

Rob: “Yes, exactly that morning was without you, you  were somehow disappeared.”

Bernhard throwing in: “Yes, that’s their speciality, they also, disappeared last night. But I won’t complain.”

Sisley: “Well, remember that sometimes not getting what you want can be a wonderful stroke of luck.”

Nicole agrees: “Yes, I found my Mr. Incredible just the night after. We are already engaged”, flashing her diamond ring toward Rob who replies: “Beautiful, sparkling like your eyes Nicole, I hope you invite me to your wedding, I will sing a song for you.”

Nicole: “Oh, really, you would do that? That would be amazing. But Sisley I see my stroke of luck and Bernhard’s but yours?”

Rob turning towards Sisley: “Give me a call next time you’re coming down to London and I show you a good stroke of luck that works out.”

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London is always a good idea…

Another story – life is sweet

Sue had had a date with Bernhard. Her silence and smile on her face said it all how this night must have ended or better said where.

As sweet as this morning had started in the arms of Bernhard, she knew there was nothing to repeat or to be continued.

But now she felt guilty somehow. Her husband had announced to come over for the weekend.

Apart from that she also knew that she wasn’t the only one, so this was just one of those one-night stands. But what was this?

Sisley came over to Tina’s desk explaining she couldn’t make it on Friday. Sisley happily explaining: “Oh, Tina, I will be in London at the weekend meeting my friend Nicole and you won’t believe who else will be there!”

Polaroid Picture Frame:

Tina Questioning: “Who, your rock star Robby?” Sisley replying: “No, you won’t believe it. Bernhard! He has a loft to be decorated and needs a designer. Well, he asked me if I had time to view it with him. He would love to hear my idea about it as he liked my style.”

Polaroid Picture Frame:

Tina: “Wow, now he gets on you!” Sue asking upset: “Your style?” Then immediately trying to hide her anger, the last thing she needed was her boss winding her up about last night or even worse, someone could make a comment about this thing to her husband. Actually, it was good not to meet any one of them as long as her husband was there.

With a sweet smiling face, she asks Sisley: “So you are going to spend the whole weekend in London?” And with a bittersweet underlying sound in her voice: “And who are you most likely going to spend the night with Bernhard, Robby or Nicole?”

Sisley replying: “Well, yes, as you see, London is always a good idea!”

Polaroid Picture Frame:

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Another Story – Life is SWEET

Sue came over to Sisley in her lunch break: “Hi Sisley, how you’re doing? I was wondering what do you think about this guy from last night, he talks so bold but somehow, he got that certain something, doesn’t he? Would you like to go for lunch together, today?.”

girls talking


Sisley: “Well yes, we can meet.”

The Austrian girl passing by asking: “Oh, you two going to lunch, then Ii will join you, I’ve got to tell you this: I met a guy last weekend, an interior designer, you won’t believe, this was the best night of my life.”

Sue and Sisley exchange eye contact than Sue is asking: “An amazing interior designer and your best night ever, and you didn’t see him again?”

The Austrian girl stammering: “Ehm,…no, not yet, I had sent him a text message, but he didn’t reply.”

Sisley: What, YOU sent him a message? What did you wrote asking him to color your lips?

Sue laughing: “Oh, girl, you really thought he would come back on you? You should know better,  these kind of guys. By the way, we met one, too, last night, sounds similar to yours. What’s his name?”

The Austrian girl: “His name is Jack.”

Sisley: “Jack? Jack Boyce?”

The Austrian girl: “Yes, Jack Boyce.”

Sisley: “Well, seems like the same guy we were introduced to yesterday by guess who?”

The Austrian girl asking “Who?”

Sue: “Well, that’s the one, our boss Tina introduced to us and she talked the same way about him as you, or better said: about his qualities. Actually, she has some more intimate details about him. Wow, so now you have a “great” topic to talk about with your boss, you two have something in common!”

Sisley: “Well, yes, you both slept with the same men, great point to have something in common with your boss!”

Sue and Sisley are laughing, the Austrian girl finds it less funny.

And there, Sisley’s incoming whatsapp message swipe sound appears. She turns on the phone and whose name appears for the whatsapp message?

The Austrian girl gazing at the message name and shouts out: “Boyce!! He is texting YOU??? And you said Tina had a story with him? Why is he texting you then?”

Sue with a grin on her face replies: “Another story, maybe?”

Sue and Sisley laugh out loud, the Austrian girl less amused, stumping her feet on the floor than walking over to Tina…..


all good things are three…HAPPY NEW YEAR!! 🍾🍀🎉✌️

happy new






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Sweet dreams

Sisley got home from the girl’s night out. Opening the door to her apartment, she heard the vibrating sound from her smartphone. Looking at her phone, the display showed another message from Ben.


Showing a kiss picture and another one with a moon wishing a good night and sweet dreams. Sisley returns also a post with a kiss and a moon picture wishing sweetest dreams.

Ben replies: “Are you at home, now?”

Sisley answering: “Yes, just got back and ready to go straight to bed now. What about you, did you had an amusing evening, too?”

Ben replies: “I stayed in, watching some videos “How to get away with murder”, I love this series. I bought the whole last season!”

Sisley: “Oh, yes I like that, too, but only watched the first series, yet.”

Ben: “Oh, just another thing we have in common.”

Sisley replying ten minutes later: “Yes, one of the many. Sorry for the delayed reply, I’m just getting undressed….”

Ben immediately replies: “Oh, the thought of you getting undressed makes me smile.”

Sisley five minutes later, dressed again, now in her favorite sleep shirt replies: Well, I’m already in my sweet dreams sleep shirt, so you better close your eyes now and dream, dream, dream.”

Ben: “Sleeping? Now that you got me thrilled? I have expectations.”

Sisley: “Oh, expectations?” and replies: “Mmmhh.” Then sending another picture now a woman totally wrapped in chocolate and licking on her finger.”

Ben replies: “Oh, you are so cool, I LOVE chocolate.” It takes a while and he, too, returns a man covered in chocolate all over his body.” And the texting goes on for another hour.


Now he is sending some music, dark pictures, and theatrical music finally saying goodnight with a kiss and another mail saying: “Don’t be afraid.”

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A night out & Whatever

Sisley: ”Oh, it’s Marc from the Newquay Weekend, I guess.” Mel answering: “Yes, exactly, and guess what else, he’s coming over for the weekend, there’s the Belushi’s opening party he is on the invitation list, and he’s asking me to join him. You want to come down and join us there will be many prominent people there I heard Madonna is on the guest list, too.

Sisley: “Wow, what a guest list, I will see. Is it Friday or Saturday?” Mel: “The party is on Saturday”. Sisley: “Well then I could make it, yes I will be with you, London is always a good idea.” Mel, cool than see you on Saturday.” Sisley puts the phone down.

Tina who was standing there listening the phone conversation with big ears: “Oh, guest list? Who you’re going to meet, your Robby? I thought we are going to the Bar One on Saturday. But this sounds like you will be in London next weekend?”

Sisley: “Well you heard right, we can go the week after. Or if you like tonight, I’ll be free. We could ask your Trainee Sue to join but please don’t ask the other girl the finance trainee. I took them the weekend to Liverpool and she was acting so stupid no matter what I suggested she always wanted to go somewhere else even Sue was bothered, and you know her. Normally nothing can disturb her patience but even for her it was too much.

Tina: “Well I promised Phil to learn with him for his examination but okay, I tell him we can do this tomorrow, then we can go to Bar One tonight.



It’s a quarter past 9 pm and the three girls Tina, Sue and Sisley sitting in the Bar. Tina drinking her third Lager, Sisley just ordered a Gin Fitz and Sue is having a Pina Colada.

Jack passes the girls table giving a “bussi, bussi kiss” one on each of Tina’s cheek than looking at the two girls “Oh, hello ladies, I see you’re enjoying your drinks, but what’s a night out without meeting the right man?” He blinks to Sisley: ”So here I am!”

Sue rolling her eyes thinking ‘Oh, no! What kind of jerk must that be, making an announcement like that.’ Sisley smiling at Jack: “Well, we all met the right man already, Sue is married and her man comes over next week, Tina’s man is studying and I’m meeting my Mr Right next weekend in London.

Sue adding: “It seems like all the right man are somewhere else but here, so the question is who are you?” “Well, Ladies I’m the man who made the interior of Tina’s beautiful flat.” Sisley: “Oh wow, it’s really fresh and lively great color choices. You couldn’t leave the flower pattern out, could you? I actually thought, it looks just like an IKEA show room.”


Jack: “Oh, thank you, yes she wanted something to lift up the mood for those many rainy days here up north but she still loves a bit tradition! Have you seen the kitchen and the bedroom by the way?” Sisley: “Oh, yes, it’s a bit a wild one, with some safari patterns.” Sue adds: “Yes, for whatever taste but mine.”

Jack turning towards Sue: “Why, do you prefer a more exclusive style for your taste with a bit more, leather and  as cold as you are, steel?” Sue answering: “I guess that’s none of your business, Jack!”

Jack: ”Okay girls I got to move on Jil is waiting for me she asked me to help her with some suggestions for a new interior for her new flat here in Manchester. So I will see how I can do my best to add some live to her new space. Was nice meeting you, ladies.”

Sue looking at Tina: “Who the hell is this, he talks like he’s the solution to any problem. Does he has a potency problem?” Tina laughs out loud: “Oh, Sue, you really hit home.” Sue: ”What do you mean?”

Tina flashing a bright smile then starts explaining: “It’s a while ago now, but when he had decorated my apartment the first time and the bedroom was ready he had spent the night there and we were going really wide but suddenly he was screaming like hell but not for pleasure. Anyway, the night ended that he had to go to the hospital.”

The two girls Sue and Sisley looking at each other, pressing lips together for keeping themselves from bursting into laughter than in a Chor: “What? Are you kidding” Tina replying: “You know girls I’m not the skinniest, light-weight.” Sue and Sisley rolling their eyes.

Tina adds: “Yes, it took him about six month to recover but now you hear all the woman how impressive he is and what great job he does. But you won’t ever see him with a girl-friend. So for a serious relationship forget him.” Sisley and Sue are going over to the Bar. Sisley:” Do you believe that story, how could this happen?” Sue giggling: ”Oh, she on top must be really a heavy job. But I don’t know, maybe she made the story up because she couldn’t land on him and he went for someone else.”

Sisley’s phone making a birdy tweeting sound. She received a whatsapp message from Ben a guy she had met on a wedding just a week before she had moved over to the UK.

She reads the message that is displaying a kissing couple another one with a romantic moon and below a text “I’m feeling better when I hear from you and kiss you Good Night.” Sisley looks up at Sue: “And here’s another one.”

Sue asking Sisley again: “What, do you really believe this?” Sisley still giggling and replies: “Whatever!”

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Back to work

A week has passed since the two girls had been on their weekend-trip Sisley had covered one colleague’s desk who went on holiday and she did really, well. She actually had enjoyed the past week talking with the customers and making the arrangements for the delivery.

coffee cup

Even sometimes it got a bit harsh and busy like the encounter with Peter. Sisley had arranged a delivery for hazard goods, but the lorry was delayed and there was no valid permission for parking the lorry on a public street. The one that was arranged had now been expired.  Peter wanted that Sisley took the responsibility and would allow the driver to park the lorry at their estate. But Sisley simply had said no and Peter had finally agreed to it.

Ten minutes later Sisley’s phone rang, Peter’s boss: “I want to talk to the Manager David, now!” And immediately put down the phone. Of course, this was about the lorry with the hazard goods.
Ten minutes passed and the phone rang, again Peter’s boss: “ Sisley, I apology, I was very upset as Peter has no responsibility to make those decisions, but yes, after talking with David, you were right and it was up to us that the lorry had the permission to park. Please take my apology and I also want to say thank you for making the deliveries on time, you really did a great job and it’s great to work with you!”

Sisley replied “Oh well, Peter that’s okay, this was an explosive thing to handle, I felt the same about it, so a little heat in the air it’s okay and I’m glad to hear that everything else went well. No need to apology.” Peter: “Oh, thanks Sisley than I wish you a great week and I’m looking forward to working with you on the next orders.” Sisley replied simply by answering with a “Pleasure of the company” and put the phone down.


Mike the Director came out of the office: ”Oh, Sisley what is defenestration in German.” Sisley: “Defenestration? This means “Rausschmiß”. David: “Defenestration, I don’t even know what this means in English!” Sisley: “This means to throw out something or someone out of the window or in some other context it can also mean the action or process of dismissing someone from a position of power or authority” Mike: “Oh, it’s always nice to have you around Sisley!”

Tina just coming around with a sharp look at Sisley “Oh, what a compliment, what did you do for him?!” Sisley’s phone ringing again, blinking with an eye on Tina then picking up the phone. Mel calling from London: “Oh, Sisley, you won’t believe who just called me, Marc, the guy from our weekend trip…..!”