Have you read Kick, what you’re thinking?

From the Bee Willson Guardian Review Wed 18. May 2016:

“What if JFK had been a woman? The 35th president of the United States had a sister born three years later, christened Kathleen, although everyone called her Kick. It was 1948. Kick was just 28. Unlike Jack and Bobby, she was never allowed to reach her full potential. But she shared with them a sudden Kennedy ending.”

Paula Byrne’s Kick


Have you read the story, what your’re thinking?


Short Story – “In between – Reflection” from the book SMART SEXY SUCCESSFUL

I remembered a Toyota ad clip with a personnel woman suggesting to her boss: “The design can be done by students, the creativity will be brought in by kids and the work will be done by monkeys”. The management role actually was left out. Maybe they were planned on absent right from the beginning with a year round holiday or wherever.

I remembered years ago when I did my vocational training with a chemical company, one of the global players. The company worked with real professionals who had many years of experience. Everything was organised. The professionals had high qualifications and were really capable as well as innovative. Decisions were made for a healthy business growth. Nowadays, the management and everyone act just for the moment, for the quickest success, which results in the long-term in a really unhealthy business, destroying most of them.

Keira and I laughed on the phone thinking “Once upon a time…” and for both of us, it became clear that not everything was as we had learned.

Finally, Keira, who had studied fashion design, said: “As we designers say in fashion, there’s a new set of rules every season”.

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I’ m reading “Launch” by Jeff Walker this weekend. What’s on your present reading list?
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