Short Story – London Calling

Sisley a young graduate who had a job offer near Manchester and took the whole tour from Italy to her new home by car had planned to make a stop in London to meet with some friends earlier from school.

One of her friends Mel had lately moved to North London and another friend Nicole would fly in for the weekend so all three would spend the weekend together.

At three o’clock she arrived and parked the car near her friends flat in a small Road in Islington.

London house islington

She called her friend who was still at work, who gave Sisley an address where she could meet her. Sisley took a cap one of those typical London caps which was better than taking the own car to the City at the rush hour.

At four she arrived at the agreed meeting point. Mel was already waiting outside the office. Sisley paid the cap and got off. They haven’t seen each other for a while it must have been more than two years since they last met.

Sisley was hugging her friend and Mel was screaming for joy. Then they moved on getting something from the shop and back to North London to Mel’s flat.

At seven Nicole from Italy arrived. For tonight they had planned to go out: Starting in a SOHO pub where they would meet some of Mel’s colleagues and later on, they would join a party in a club.

When the girls arrived at their first destination of the night, Mel’s colleagues were already in the pub and had ordered the first round. One of them was impressed asking: “Wow, you flew in from Italy just a few hours ago and you took all the way from Italy by even driving on the left side, you girls are really tough.”

At eleven they moved on to the Club where they had a special party. The music that was playing was a mixed house, some soul, and R&B. They got some drinks and started dancing. It didn’t take long, and they got an invitation for another round of drinks from the lads standing next to them.

London Party 03

It turned out the guys came from Leeds and they actually were the Leeds football team who had a game here and were now having their triumph party in the club. Nicole was excited, and she immediately got close to one of the Leeds-Team players.

Sisley and Mel could bet who Nicole would spend the night with and they probably wouldn’t see her for the rest of the weekend.

Saturday morning Mel and Sisley were in deep sleep when at six o’clock in the morning Mel’s phone rang. It was Nicole asking for the address again and if she could come in now. Something with the Leeds guy she had met on the party before had gone wrong. Once she had opened his hotel room she had found out that there was one too much in the room actually more than just one too much. The guy didn’t invite only Nicole but two more girls were already waiting there and a threesome or more wasn’t Nicole’s idea of one-night stand.

The girls got up at eleven and all could have had a couple more hours of sleep. Somehow the excitement for some shopping on Oxford street was stronger than sleep as there was another party for Saturday night announced and they had to get some topnotch outfits.

Lndon Oxford Circus

They got ready for their shopping tour starting at Morgan, Kookai, Topshop, left side of Oxford Street up and the right side back down, a short coffee break at Nero’s and back to North London. For dinner, they chose PizzaExpress that was always a good choice and you knew what you would get. The girls talked about old times and how great this City was, what cool guys they had met the night before.

Back to the flat now they had to hurry up to get ready, dressed in their party outfits and a good makeup had to do as they all had the dark shadows from last night under their eyes.

London girls makeup

Sisley loved this City and asked Mel if she could stay a few days longer as she would start her new job only on Thursday. Mel agreed, and Sisley called her Hotel to change her booking that she would arrive three days later. Partying all night long this was really a fantastic club, full of famous people, everyone looked amazing and they had live singers, Go-Go’s and they were asked to sit in the VIP area, Neil was already there with some guys and they all danced the night away.

Early in the morning Sisley and a good looking guy who had introduced himself as Rob were standing at the stage screaming into the mic “Rock me, baby…” Than Sisley got a Solo dance part, the crowd was screaming, the champagne was still floating over some body parts and Mel’s hair meanwhile had changed to a sexy wet look. Some flashlights went through the room which eventually would make the title picture of a favorite daily.

At almost four o’clock in the morning Mel and Nicole came over to Sisley asking for going back to the apartment. Sisley and the guy she had sung with “rock me” and danced with all night were hanging close together they quickly exchanged phone numbers than Sisley kissed the guy goodbye on his cheeks and joined the two girls for leaving the club. Nicole decided without further ado to join the cute guy she had danced with and who was already sitting in a Taxi waiting outside the club, while the other girls chose the taxi behind.

At this point, Sisley didn’t even know who she was hanging at the club with and whose number she just had gotten. Only the next morning she would find out that this was that Roby – a famous star, who she had partied with when she saw the “Sun’s” daily newspaper front cover displaying Roby, her friends and her with the Headline “Roby rocks it!” and a more detailed description about the Rockstar.