Sweet dreams

Sisley got home from the girl’s night out. Opening the door to her apartment, she heard the vibrating sound from her smartphone. Looking at her phone, the display showed another message from Ben.


Showing a kiss picture and another one with a moon wishing a good night and sweet dreams. Sisley returns also a post with a kiss and a moon picture wishing sweetest dreams.

Ben replies: “Are you at home, now?”

Sisley answering: “Yes, just got back and ready to go straight to bed now. What about you, did you had an amusing evening, too?”

Ben replies: “I stayed in, watching some videos “How to get away with murder”, I love this series. I bought the whole last season!”

Sisley: “Oh, yes I like that, too, but only watched the first series, yet.”

Ben: “Oh, just another thing we have in common.”

Sisley replying ten minutes later: “Yes, one of the many. Sorry for the delayed reply, I’m just getting undressed….”

Ben immediately replies: “Oh, the thought of you getting undressed makes me smile.”

Sisley five minutes later, dressed again, now in her favorite sleep shirt replies: Well, I’m already in my sweet dreams sleep shirt, so you better close your eyes now and dream, dream, dream.”

Ben: “Sleeping? Now that you got me thrilled? I have expectations.”

Sisley: “Oh, expectations?” and replies: “Mmmhh.” Then sending another picture now a woman totally wrapped in chocolate and licking on her finger.”

Ben replies: “Oh, you are so cool, I LOVE chocolate.” It takes a while and he, too, returns a man covered in chocolate all over his body.” And the texting goes on for another hour.


Now he is sending some music, dark pictures, and theatrical music finally saying goodnight with a kiss and another mail saying: “Don’t be afraid.”


A night out & Whatever

Sisley: ”Oh, it’s Marc from the Newquay Weekend, I guess.” Mel answering: “Yes, exactly, and guess what else, he’s coming over for the weekend, there’s the Belushi’s opening party he is on the invitation list, and he’s asking me to join him. You want to come down and join us there will be many prominent people there I heard Madonna is on the guest list, too.

Sisley: “Wow, what a guest list, I will see. Is it Friday or Saturday?” Mel: “The party is on Saturday”. Sisley: “Well then I could make it, yes I will be with you, London is always a good idea.” Mel, cool than see you on Saturday.” Sisley puts the phone down.

Tina who was standing there listening the phone conversation with big ears: “Oh, guest list? Who you’re going to meet, your Robby? I thought we are going to the Bar One on Saturday. But this sounds like you will be in London next weekend?”

Sisley: “Well you heard right, we can go the week after. Or if you like tonight, I’ll be free. We could ask your Trainee Sue to join but please don’t ask the other girl the finance trainee. I took them the weekend to Liverpool and she was acting so stupid no matter what I suggested she always wanted to go somewhere else even Sue was bothered, and you know her. Normally nothing can disturb her patience but even for her it was too much.

Tina: “Well I promised Phil to learn with him for his examination but okay, I tell him we can do this tomorrow, then we can go to Bar One tonight.



It’s a quarter past 9 pm and the three girls Tina, Sue and Sisley sitting in the Bar. Tina drinking her third Lager, Sisley just ordered a Gin Fitz and Sue is having a Pina Colada.

Jack passes the girls table giving a “bussi, bussi kiss” one on each of Tina’s cheek than looking at the two girls “Oh, hello ladies, I see you’re enjoying your drinks, but what’s a night out without meeting the right man?” He blinks to Sisley: ”So here I am!”

Sue rolling her eyes thinking ‘Oh, no! What kind of jerk must that be, making an announcement like that.’ Sisley smiling at Jack: “Well, we all met the right man already, Sue is married and her man comes over next week, Tina’s man is studying and I’m meeting my Mr Right next weekend in London.

Sue adding: “It seems like all the right man are somewhere else but here, so the question is who are you?” “Well, Ladies I’m the man who made the interior of Tina’s beautiful flat.” Sisley: “Oh wow, it’s really fresh and lively great color choices. You couldn’t leave the flower pattern out, could you? I actually thought, it looks just like an IKEA show room.”


Jack: “Oh, thank you, yes she wanted something to lift up the mood for those many rainy days here up north but she still loves a bit tradition! Have you seen the kitchen and the bedroom by the way?” Sisley: “Oh, yes, it’s a bit a wild one, with some safari patterns.” Sue adds: “Yes, for whatever taste but mine.”

Jack turning towards Sue: “Why, do you prefer a more exclusive style for your taste with a bit more, leather and  as cold as you are, steel?” Sue answering: “I guess that’s none of your business, Jack!”

Jack: ”Okay girls I got to move on Jil is waiting for me she asked me to help her with some suggestions for a new interior for her new flat here in Manchester. So I will see how I can do my best to add some live to her new space. Was nice meeting you, ladies.”

Sue looking at Tina: “Who the hell is this, he talks like he’s the solution to any problem. Does he has a potency problem?” Tina laughs out loud: “Oh, Sue, you really hit home.” Sue: ”What do you mean?”

Tina flashing a bright smile then starts explaining: “It’s a while ago now, but when he had decorated my apartment the first time and the bedroom was ready he had spent the night there and we were going really wide but suddenly he was screaming like hell but not for pleasure. Anyway, the night ended that he had to go to the hospital.”

The two girls Sue and Sisley looking at each other, pressing lips together for keeping themselves from bursting into laughter than in a Chor: “What? Are you kidding” Tina replying: “You know girls I’m not the skinniest, light-weight.” Sue and Sisley rolling their eyes.

Tina adds: “Yes, it took him about six month to recover but now you hear all the woman how impressive he is and what great job he does. But you won’t ever see him with a girl-friend. So for a serious relationship forget him.” Sisley and Sue are going over to the Bar. Sisley:” Do you believe that story, how could this happen?” Sue giggling: ”Oh, she on top must be really a heavy job. But I don’t know, maybe she made the story up because she couldn’t land on him and he went for someone else.”

Sisley’s phone making a birdy tweeting sound. She received a whatsapp message from Ben a guy she had met on a wedding just a week before she had moved over to the UK.

She reads the message that is displaying a kissing couple another one with a romantic moon and below a text “I’m feeling better when I hear from you and kiss you Good Night.” Sisley looks up at Sue: “And here’s another one.”

Sue asking Sisley again: “What, do you really believe this?” Sisley still giggling and replies: “Whatever!”

Back to work

A week has passed since the two girls had been on their weekend-trip Sisley had covered one colleague’s desk who went on holiday and she did really, well. She actually had enjoyed the past week talking with the customers and making the arrangements for the delivery.

coffee cup

Even sometimes it got a bit harsh and busy like the encounter with Peter. Sisley had arranged a delivery for hazard goods, but the lorry was delayed and there was no valid permission for parking the lorry on a public street. The one that was arranged had now been expired.  Peter wanted that Sisley took the responsibility and would allow the driver to park the lorry at their estate. But Sisley simply had said no and Peter had finally agreed to it.

Ten minutes later Sisley’s phone rang, Peter’s boss: “I want to talk to the Manager David, now!” And immediately put down the phone. Of course, this was about the lorry with the hazard goods.
Ten minutes passed and the phone rang, again Peter’s boss: “ Sisley, I apology, I was very upset as Peter has no responsibility to make those decisions, but yes, after talking with David, you were right and it was up to us that the lorry had the permission to park. Please take my apology and I also want to say thank you for making the deliveries on time, you really did a great job and it’s great to work with you!”

Sisley replied “Oh well, Peter that’s okay, this was an explosive thing to handle, I felt the same about it, so a little heat in the air it’s okay and I’m glad to hear that everything else went well. No need to apology.” Peter: “Oh, thanks Sisley than I wish you a great week and I’m looking forward to working with you on the next orders.” Sisley replied simply by answering with a “Pleasure of the company” and put the phone down.


Mike the Director came out of the office: ”Oh, Sisley what is defenestration in German.” Sisley: “Defenestration? This means “Rausschmiß”. David: “Defenestration, I don’t even know what this means in English!” Sisley: “This means to throw out something or someone out of the window or in some other context it can also mean the action or process of dismissing someone from a position of power or authority” Mike: “Oh, it’s always nice to have you around Sisley!”

Tina just coming around with a sharp look at Sisley “Oh, what a compliment, what did you do for him?!” Sisley’s phone ringing again, blinking with an eye on Tina then picking up the phone. Mel calling from London: “Oh, Sisley, you won’t believe who just called me, Marc, the guy from our weekend trip…..!”


Now it is almost one o’clock. Sisley paddling back to the shore, interrupting Mel and Marc by asking them if they would also like to go for a snack or having a light lunch.

beach bar

The three go over to the little beach-bar where they order some tuna salad and sandwiches. Marc suggesting to Mel: “How about renting a car for the afternoon and go for a drive along the coast?”

Mel almost jumping in the air for happiness: “Oh, that’s a great idea, Marc! I would love that. Sisley what do you think we rent a cabriolet and let the wind blow the hair.” Sisley replying laughing: “Ah, well and playing Thelma & Louise? Nice idea. But no, I think you two should go for a joy ride on your own I will stay here do a little shopping, manicure and just enjoy the sun, chilling at the beach here.”

Mel: “Oh, well, yes that sounds nice, too. But yes, we will go for the car rental, don’t we Marc?” Marc replies with a smile: “Yes, cool. We can go there, right after lunch.”

Nick passing by and on his way back he stops at the table of the three: “Hey, guys, you have a seat for me here?” Marc: “Yes, of course, it’s yours, here sit down, Nick, you’re welcome.”

Nick replies: “Thanks Marc, so you enjoyed the waves this morning? I see your other friend made himself comfortable surfing in his own way in the sand, watching the Babe’s waves. But you guys had some good moments on the water, didn’t you?”

Mel: “Yes, and the afternoon we will go for a coast ride, we’re renting a car!” Nick: “Oh that’s a great idea! So what are you guys doing tonight, any plans?” Mel: “Oh, we don’t know but it probably can be late till we come back, I’m sure it won’t be before midnight.”

Nick: “So what are your plans for the evening Sisley?” Sisley replies with a smile on her face and a bright glance in her eyes: “Oh, I don’t know, just relaxing having dinner somewhere and chilling.” Nick: “Oh, well that sounds nice too, how about doing that together, would you like to have dinner here in one of the fish-bars? I know a great place with the best fresh fish one of those secret places.”

Sisley answers: “Oh, a secret fish-bar, you want me to show the best place in town tonight, how could I say no?” Nick: “Well, then I pick you up at seven, tonight at your hotel, okay?” Sisley agrees: “I’ll be there at seven o’clock.” The guys are finished with lunch and get up everyone goes there way.

Nine o’clock Nick and Sisley sitting on a corner table at Blue’s fish bar with an amazing view over the ocean and the little harbor. After the seafood plate and a bottle of champagne, they are waiting for a lemon parfait and mousse au chocolate. Sisley: “It’s such a beautiful place, one would not expect such a romantic scene here in Newquay.”

Nick: “Yes, it’s unusual for Newquay but I like this quiet place it gives you a moment in time, but the rest of the town has it’s very own flair, you’re right. But I somehow love this mixed atmosphere. I actually have my apartment on the other side, but also with an amazing view on the ocean. If you like and still have time after dinner I can take you there. It’s on top of this hill. You see the light over there?” Sisley nicking with her head: “Yes.” Nick:” It’s next left from it.


Sisley gets curious and agrees. The two get the bill and take a ride with Nick’s motor-bike: Sisley sitting close to Nick her hands wrapped around his hip and it’s an amazing night taking the route on the coast, driving up the small hill, she feels like in a dream. Twenty minutes later they arrive. Nick stops the motor-bike in front of a huge white villa. They walk up the staircase. Nick takes Sisley on her hand and smiles at her. “Do you like my house?” Sisley is speechless they enter the hall which is designed in a modern Italian style and with a huge terrasse.

Nick opens the glass door and they step outside the balcony. Nick: “Enjoy the view, I get us a drink, I’ll be back in a minute.” Nick switches on some lights and music and comes back with some Martinis with lemon on eyes. Sisley still speechless: “Wow, this is a lifestyle, surfing all day and that’ where you’re living spending the nights? I’m impressed, this is like a dream.”

Nick: “Yes, I like making my dreams come true and right now I see another one standing right in front of me.” Looking at Sisley he puts his hand around her shoulder and gets close to her lips: “So you like to dream a little dream, then close your eyes.” And their lips meet, they start kissing passionately getting close together.” Nick holds Sisley tight and kisses her neck. Then he pauses: “Would you like to go inside? I would.”

Both move over, going upstairs and Sisley can’t trust her own eyes she feels so overwhelmed. Lying down on the bed she just closes her eyes, and they start rolling all night. In the early morning hours, they fall asleep.

It’s about twelve o’clock Sisley wakes up with a bird singing sound and a soft kiss on her lips, opening her eyes she looks into Nick’s big green eyes and a bright smile. Nick whispering in Sisley’ ear: “You’re ready for a new day?”

The jalousies open automatically and again Sisley can’t trust her eyes this is too good to be true Sun rays shine into her eyes and she looks on the blue turquoise ocean in a shimmering light. Nick has prepared a breakfast in bed including champagne and yes she’s ready for a new day smiling into Nicks face: “Yes, I’m so ready!” biting on her lips looking at Nick asking: “So, are you?”


Saturday morning 10 o’clock: sunny, cloudless sky, 32°
– bikini perfect fit.

Sisley and Mel are standing in the warm sand looking at the horizon of the blue ocean. Mel: “Oh, what a day, how amazing is this? Look at the guys they are already on the boards, surfing!” Sisley: “Yes, this is unbelievable, look at the one with the colored shorts, it looks like Nick from yesterday, does it? It’s insane how he’s standing on the board and that body!” Mel: “Oh, I can’t wait, come on let’s get some boards too, and go into the water.”

beach surfing

The two girls walk over to the little stand where they can borrow some boards. Two dudes are already waiting and turn to Mel and Sisley: “Are you experienced in surfing or new just like us?” Mel: “I’ve stood a few times on a board but lying on it actually is the easier part for me.” The two guys smile: “Well, we see which water pose we will prefer today.”


Ten minutes later the four are equipped with their boards and the neoprene suits taking their steps towards the water. One of the guys walking straight into the ocean, jumping off: “Oh, this is not hot that’s f***cold. How can these guys over there hang out in the water just like that all day?” His friend joining him: “Oh, that’s freaking cold water, ladies you want to join to make it a bit hotter over here.” Mel and Sisley smile looking at each other than Mel is asking: “Oh, some like it hot?” Sisley: “Okay, let’s refresh a little.”

They join the two and start to paddle, lying on their boards. Mel and Marc, one of the two guys start standing up and taking the first waves. The two enjoy the ride of waves in the morning but that’s not the only thing the two like, to enjoy and it doesn’t take long till they find themselves on just one board, catching some sunlight and their lips meet.

Caught by surprise that her friend found that quickly the right tanning pose Sisley is still fighting with the balance on her board and has spent most of the time in and under the water while the other guy, Brendan, already gave up after five minutes because of the cold and meanwhile had made him selves comfortable at the beach with his Ray Ben sunglasses on, observing the beach life.

girl floating board

Sisley finally has enough as her body is already cooling out despite the neoprene suit and she decides to change her outfit into the little red Moschino piece again. Now using the board also in a different way to lay on top of it, feeling the sun on her skin and just floating.

She’s watching Nick who seems like he just can’t get enough surfing on top of the ocean wave after wave. Sisley is impressed by his surfing skills and how easy he gets his way through those powerful waves, his body toned he’s just looking amazing and she starts dreaming. They have one more day before the weekend is over, could there be one night only?

Mel Calls from London

The next morning Sisley’s phone rang, Mel, her friend from London was on the Phone: “Hey Sisley, how is it going on up North? I’ve been out last night with my colleagues you remember the one we met the time you came over, here?”

Sisley “Sure, I remember your colleagues.” Mel: “Yes, they told me to go to Newquay, the UK surfer paradise, so what do you think about next weekend, let’s go there?”

Sisley: “Wow, there is a surfer paradise on that island? Well, yes we can go there”! Mel: “So cool, so we meet there next weekend? I check for Hotels and let you know.” Sisley: “Alright, honey, let me know by tomorrow and I’ll be with you.”

Friday afternoon Sisley thinks: “Thank God it’s Friday!” this week past so slow she can’t tell how happy she is this week is over, most of the time she hadn’t had much to, do. In the office, people would explain her their job and then turn around complaining how less time they had and explaining to her would take so much time, too.

A really nice place to work in this kind of atmosphere when your colleagues were so motivated in helping to explain their job, so you could help them out. Sisley thought cynical.  But anyway, Sisley was just happy and so excited for the weekend that she had planned with a friend to spend in Newquay.

Walking towards her car, the secret couple Tina and Phil passed by wishing a great weekend and of course both took separate cars but coming from and driving home to the same address – so no one would get aware of their affair. Sisley just smiles wondering how silly that actually, was shaking her head than smiling to both: “Have a nice weekend, I’m driving down to Newquay, I need a little different scenery.” Jumping into the driver seat, Sisley turned on the music driving all the way down south-west towards Newquay.

girl car 2


At 6:30 pm she arrived at the hotel. Her friend Mel was already there, starting to scream when she saw Sisley: “Oh, Sisley, you made it on time, great, let’s go to the beach right away, you won’t believe what guys are there, I spent the whole afternoon at the pier, wow….I’m so excited!“ Sisley: “Well, I just drop my bag and yes, then we go to the beach, can’t wait.”

The two girls walking down the little street from the hotel to the promenade towards the pier. A bright smile on Sisley’s face comes up, looking at the wide blue ocean, the waves shivering, with some wild ones coming in between and at the front of the waterline a group of surfers. One guy just coming out of the water, shaking his mid-long hair in the background the sun slowly going down. Sisley’s breath stuck, she imagined having a great time here but looking at this, it was going beyond her imagination. The guy looking up biting on his lips than looking towards Mel and Sisley flashing a bright smile.

beach-1853903_1280 - Copy

Mel: “I told you the guys here are hot.” Sisley almost speechless, her breath still stuck and her words coming out spluttering: “Yes, you said that and it’s more than true!” The girls walk on by and move on to the beach bar having a drink. The hot surf cutie passing by: “You look like you’ve just arrived, where are you from, ladies?” Mel: “I’m from London, I’m Mel and my friend Sisley she’s from Manchester, we needed a break from big city life, and I guess we found the perfect place for it on this island.”

The cute surfer guy: “Yes, you could say that this is the place to be if you want to have a good time. I’m Nick by the way. Nice to meet you. Mel: “Pleasure.” Sisley just winks with her hand saying “Nice to meet you.” Nick goes on: “Do you girls also surf or you’re more enjoying the wellness part? If you girls like to meet tomorrow morning we’ll be here from 10 o’clock”, he paused than continues: “Riding some waves?” He twinkles with his eyes: “Just an idea if you’re up for surfing.”

Mel and Sisley look at each other, eyes wide open, and both answer at the same time: “Yes, of course, that’s why we are here for, surfing, it’ a great idea, we’ll be here tomorrow morning.” Nick: “Great than see you tomorrow.” He winks with his hand and walks back to the group who’s already packing the boards, towards the pick-up and Van on the parking area. Nick walks towards the Pick-up opens the driver door. He then turns around waving at Mel and Sisley shouting calling at the two with his bright smile “You don’t want to miss it.”




After Eight – secret numbers

The two girls sitting in the Italian restaurant. Tina starts talking about last time she had been here with a girl-friend who came to visit her for a weekend. At that time there had been a similar waiter, who they, later on, had met in one of the clubs and her friend went off with him so she had to spend the rest of the night on her own. Now asking Sisley: “I hope you’re not going to do the same to me tonight? Actually, with this guy I could understand, even I would run off with him despite having my boyfriend Phil.”

girls dinner.jpg

They continue talking about the new trainee, Su, who works for Tina on some research projects and a new study for natural rubber and Claudia the Austrian finance trainee. Sisley already had met Claudia and wasn’t that impressed about her.

Both trainees Su and Claudia had their accommodation in a private house with a teacher couple and they had just a small room each. The couple’s kid’s rooms as their children both presently study at a German University.

Claudia had immediately made a sharp comment about why Sisley had a three-room flat and they had only a single room in a family home. Claudia somehow did not want to understand what program Sisley was in and that the company paid for everything.

Sisley wanted to be nice and had offered Claudia to stay in her third room that wasn’t used by anyone for free. But Claudia had preferred to complain instead of accepting Sisley’s offer.

Tina just laughed and said: “Are you stupid to offer her your room for free, you should ask a 100 bugs a week at least, with that interior!!! Anyway, be happy that you don’t have that bitch in with you, she’s going to stay for six months, imagine she’s hanging in there all the time!” Sisley laughed, Tina was probably right.

Both girls were finished with their main course now and there comes the surprise dessert: the house-made Tiramisu, a grappa for each, a dark espresso and after-eight-mints. Next to it secretly including someone’s phone number.


Tina and Sisley smiled. Sisley starring at the phone number than asking Tina: “You want to call?” Tina seemed to be totally into the guy despite her boyfriend, so Sisley handed over the guy’s phone number saying: “Have some fun, honey.” Tina smiles “Thanks, Sys! Not for tonight. We have another party to join.,” and takes the phone number hiding it in her purse than looking up again “but for any other night.” Tina adds with a dirty smile and she thinks about the nights she sometimes spends on her own.

call me.PNG

After having paid their bill the two moving over to the Cutting Edge club around the corner where they have an invitation to join another party with VIP guests and which is the favourite club of some Man United players who live close by.