A road to continue?


Sunday afternoon the two girls Sisley and Mel are diving the M5 passing Exeter Mel tells about last night when Marc had picked her up with this hot Cabrio a red Alfa-Romeo Spider.


road trip.jpg

They had taken the Riverside Coast Way driving through Pentire towards West Pentire and the drive had been amazing. Marc had been playing the song crazy in love than he had taken a right turn at the Riverside Avenue diving the little path towards the coast and stopped the car.

They had an impressive view over the sea, the water in turquoise color was coming into the coast side and ended in the deep blue while huge waves were breaking and spreading against the big rocks – amazing natural wonder.

Marc had looked into Mel’s eyes and came very close with a smile on his lips he had closed his eyes and started kissing Mel. Mel felt like in heaven his kisses were soft and warm. She felt his strong muscles at his back and she sank comfortably into his arms and kisses.

The sun slowly went down they paused looking through the front window watching the sun like a red fireball slowly going down. Marc asked to continue the trip he knew a nice place where they could stay overnight.

At Pentire Point was a small lodge and they had rooms left. It was a beautifully decorated room called the moon sweet. Everything was decorated in dark blue shades with stripes and the bathroom in sand tones. And of course, they had a fantastic view on the little coast were the water was breaking at the rocks.


After the dinner, they had taken a twenty- minute walk along the seaside and had ended at a little base. They both were sitting on this shot runway looking at the bright shining moon when Mel suggested “Why not have a little swimming in the ocean? Did you ever go swimming naked before?”

Marc were smiling surprised and answered: “Swimming naked? Would you like to? No, I didn’t do that ever before. Okay, I’m with you.” Both had taken their close off and they slowly walked in to the water now standing close together. Marc kissed Mel and they dived into the water. Mel put her arms around Marc while he was swimming, so he felt her body on top of his back.

Both laughed and giggled. As it was so dark, the moon was the only light shining, that any unknown stroke on their legs felt weird and scary. Marc turned around and now they were both standing in the water again kissing each other and feeling the love in the waters of the deep blue sea.


By eleven they had returned and had ended the evening with a hot bath.

Mel was swarming she had a total crush on the guy but not knowing if this had been just this one weekend or if this was a story to be continued.


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