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Sisley racing down the Hill on her skies. Sue was still standing on top of the Hill Jakobshorn watching Sisley who had just stopped and was now waiting for Sue who had not been on Skies for almost ten years. Last time Sue had been skiing with her family but her aunt had just been moaning. Everything Sue did her aunt had something to say about. How she was skiing, her smoking of course and last but not least when Sue had said she did not want to be on the photograph when they were posing for a family shot her aunt also had to say something about this “when you do not want to be in the picture, you could have taken the picture for us at least.” After the trip, her aunt apologized for her constant criticism of Sue.


Sadly, this was the memory she had now on her mind despite overlooking this stunning winter wonderland scene. Instead of remembering the first time she had been skiing with her school class and later on with her Dad’s men clique who all were stunned about how great she was skiing.  Sue took one more breath forgetting her aunt’s comments and recalling all the positive comments she had once heard and there she was skiing downhill like she had never done something else. Almost on Sisley’s hight, she incorporated a bend and with an abrupt stop, she arrived right next to Sisley scratching a bit snow in the air.
“Wow, this is so amazing, I almost forgot how much fun this is.” Sue was screaming for joy.
“Yeah, what took you so long? I thought you are about to put down roots! But you have quite a speed on skies, wow!” Sisley laughed.
“Yes, I had some memory from my last skiing tour hanging on, my auntie’s words. “Why don’t you and you should…., that kind of thing.” Sue tried to explain. “Your auntie? You are thinking about your auntie? This is the last thing I would think about here, come on let’s go up there and then to the Jatzhütte. Maybe we meet some nice hot skier so you can shift your mind to better things than past family matters.” Sisley joked.
“Oh, yeah, you are right, this is not the place here to think about drama.” Sue agreed and the two made their way down and to the next chairlift.

Enjoying the scenery while steering towards the Jatzhütte.
“This was really the best idea to come here to Davos.” Sue swarmed.  Just a week before Christmas Sisley had suggested a short trip to Switzerland, Davos as she had found an all-inclusive trip for a really, great price. And here the two had arrived just right to spend the time between Christmas and new year in the snow.


The two could hardly believe it, they stepped out of the ski lift sliding towards the Jatzhütte. Bright blue sky, George Michael’s “Last Christmas” was playing and they overlooked a breath-taking scenery on a hight almost 2600 m on Jatzhorn.
“This looks like paradise.” At the edge of the mountain, some crazy guys had stripped off their clothes and were sitting in a jacuzzi surrounded by some Swedish girls.
“Is this real?” Sisley asked. One of the guys who were sitting in the Jacuzzi turned around.
“Yes, this is real, so real, Sisley.” A familiar voice replied to Sisley, and a grinning Boyce looked at Sisley and Sue.
“Ladies? What surprise, want to join?”
Sue couldn’t get her mouth close. “No way, Boyce, you? That’s you?” Sue had a crush on Boyce, and it wasn’t too long ago the two had spent a wonderful night together. And yes, at some point she had hoped to meet him again despite being aware of his reputation on girls, and which was obviously he wasn’t sitting alone in the jacuzzi but surrounded by some attractive Swedish blondes.
“Eh, not now, we need some substantial food, first, maybe later.” Sisley smiled. Well, she knew Boyce knew that they would spend the winter-break in Davos as she had told him herself. But that he would spend his winter-break here too, he had not mentioned.

An hour later they all were sitting at the bar having some drinks. Flyers were spread across the table offering New Year Eve parties and Boyce suggested to spend New Year’s Eve together. The girls agreed and despite the party was already sold out Boyce arranged some invitation for the girls.

They went for another two hours skiing and then relaxed in their hotel spa before they would meet again at the Casino for dinner and some little gamble.
“Seriously? Boyce is here? Like this means any less trouble?” Sue was speechless.
“Well, you don’t have to make it like trouble, just enjoy and see what happens?” Sisley continued. “Which is obvious, of course.“ Sue could not hide her sparkle eyes when she was talking about Boyce, not when she was thinking about him and certainly not when she was around him. The two busted into laughter.

At eight the girls met Boyce for dinner in the Pizzeria and then moved on next door to the Casino on the Promenade. The place where almost every prominent person spends an evening when skiing in Davos. And so it was no surprise when Sisley’s eyes sparked a familiar person at the Roulette tables – charming Robbie surrounded by some attractive blondes, also these girls were already familiar, they were the girls from the Swedish skiing team Sisley and Sue had already met in company with Boyce earlier the day.

The Trio joined the Roulette table. Sisley played decent on the 50/50 chances while Robbie came closer to her setting on whole numbers and did not keep short on compliments towards Sisley almost forgetting about the Swedish skiing team.

Later the evening after playing some rounds and watching the games going on at the blackjack table, Sisley felt like it was just yesterday that she had spent time with Robbie despite this was over a year ago now, but with him, she could talk endlessly and it felt so comfortable and it was clear that she would not go home alone tonight. Robbie looking at her with his smile on his face “and all in?” The two left the casino walking through the snow along the Promenade.

Sisley woke up in the arms of Robbie in the famous Belvedere Hotel enjoying the views into the mountains which were fully covered with snow.

At around ten they met with Boyce and Sue who decided for a sledge at Schatzalp instead of skiing.

Robbie and Sisley went for the fifteen-kilometre long Parsenn. Sisley was stunned with hardly an interruption they were skiing one of the longest ski runs she had ever skied.

Of course, Robbie joined the Trio for the New Year’s Eve party on the Jatzhütte and he did not just participate as a guest but also had a gig. Singing for an hour and ending the last minutes shortly before the end of the year with a song dedicated to Sisley his very own version of Frank Sinatra’s “The way you look tonight”.


Shortly before midnight the crowed walked out to welcome the new year and watching the impressive fireworks from the top of the mountains.

davos silvester

Sisley felt like in heaven wrapped in Robbie’s arms. The crowd counting down from ten then cheering the champagne glasses with Sue and Boyce wishing each other a “Happy New Year” when Robbie suddenly felt a cold wet bash on his cheek, a snowball from the right had just hit his face, thrown by one of the girls from the Swedish ski team and the year started with a snowball battle the single ladies against the lovers.



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