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Chapter Three – Paris 60’s fashion

from the book MAGNETIC – Again, just a girl!

In 1960 Inga revealed in a letter to her mother that she was married. She had fallen in love with an ambitious English actor and had silently married a year ago. Anna and her mother were surprised as this announcement had come so sudden, and it took only two more months, and Inga had announced her divorce. Knocking on Anna’s door who had meanwhile moved to Paris and was working as a model. Inga now found herself in the city of love, Paris, the city she had always dreamed of, just not as she once had imagined happy in love. But devastated and without the men of her dreams.

The upcoming week was Fashion Week, and Anna had a go. She had gotten hold of great model jobs for major brands after she had been the muse of one of the great French designers. Whereas Inga was looking for a new love, Anna had fallen in love with a new man, just two months ago. Her new flame was Jean, a film director who was known for his film noir.

Sunday night after the show, Anna invited Inga to one of the after-parties, and shortly after midnight, Inga disappeared with one of the guys, who Jean had introduced her to, Louis. He was actually in the insurance business. Anna got a call from her sister the next day late in the afternoon. She told her that she had spent the night with Louis and asked if they would want to meet at the Au Rocher de Cancale later in the evening for dinner. Anna had a quick chat with her lover Jean and came back on Inga to agree.

The Au Rocher de Cancale was one of the oldest restaurants in Paris. A restaurant that had opened its doors in 1864 and was famous for its salads and oysters. Inga loved the oysters because of being up to date with the crowed while Anna enjoyed the chewy feeling and the sour flash of citron on them. The oyster’s taste disguised Louis as well as the fact that they were served alive. But he kept a smiling face while swallowing to keep up with the etiquette. Jean, who had French origins, had grown up with the tradition of eating oysters. He could tell a thousand stories for each oyster they had eaten. He enjoyed simply the taste, the raw of it as well as the show of how the three went about the oyster food. Jean smiled and started the conversation.

“It’s the Cannes Festival next week. I have an invitation and a friend who has a beautiful beach house there. How about a weekend trip?”

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