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London is always a good idea…

Another story – life is sweet

Sue had had a date with Bernhard. Her silence and smile on her face said it all how this night must have ended or better said where.

As sweet as this morning had started in the arms of Bernhard, she knew there was nothing to repeat or to be continued.

But now she felt guilty somehow. Her husband had announced to come over for the weekend.

Apart from that she also knew that she wasn’t the only one, so this was just one of those one-night stands. But what was this?

Sisley came over to Tina’s desk explaining she couldn’t make it on Friday. Sisley happily explaining: “Oh, Tina, I will be in London at the weekend meeting my friend Nicole and you won’t believe who else will be there!”

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Tina Questioning: “Who, your rock star Robby?” Sisley replying: “No, you won’t believe it. Bernhard! He has a loft to be decorated and needs a designer. Well, he asked me if I had time to view it with him. He would love to hear my idea about it as he liked my style.”

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Tina: “Wow, now he gets on you!” Sue asking upset: “Your style?” Then immediately trying to hide her anger, the last thing she needed was her boss winding her up about last night or even worse, someone could make a comment about this thing to her husband. Actually, it was good not to meet any one of them as long as her husband was there.

With a sweet smiling face, she asks Sisley: “So you are going to spend the whole weekend in London?” And with a bittersweet underlying sound in her voice: “And who are you most likely going to spend the night with Bernhard, Robby or Nicole?”

Sisley replying: “Well, yes, as you see, London is always a good idea!”

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