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Rooftop party

Bernhard standing on the rooftop just opening bottle champagne: “And ladies, how about a nice after midnight dinner, you two girls and me?”



Nicole looking over to Sisley shaking her head. Sisley asking interested: “Oh, a midnight dinner, sounds interesting, how exactly does this look like?”

Bernhard: “Well Ladies, I have booked a suite here next to the radio bar, and we can order per room service whatever you like.” Sisley turning towards Nicole: “Oh, whatever we like.”

Nicole smiles: “Okay, than let me just have a look what they have on offer, you know I’m a huge Asia fan, don’t you.”

Bernhard: “No, I didn’t but yes, I also like sweet sour, it’s always a good idea, but take your time to make your own choice. But as I understand you girls are with me?”

Nicole smiling at Bernhard: “One, moment.” She grabs Sisley and the two, walk over a the Bar passing the VIP Lounge. Rob is still hanging there with his groupies not even recognising that Nicole and Sisley are on the party tonight. They just pass by. They both already had their experience with Rob Nicole actually left and Sisley remembers a hell of a night with Rob.

The two order some drinks and Nicole turns towards Sisley: “Well, I have an idea, we are going to join him, bind him on the bed, put on a blind and order some Asian girls and a butler. And then we go and have our own suite. What do you think?”

Sisley: “Well, are you crazy?”

Nicole: “We keep the butler there who makes sure it’s not going to wild, and that nothing happens that anyone doesn’t want.”

Sisley laughs. Nicole adding: “I’m not interested in a threesome, I remember the party with Rob, even not with him. Have you seen him, he didn’t even recognised you are here. I’m sure he also stays here tonight with his whole team. I am going to book my own suite now, and you can still decide who you want to spend the night with. So are you with me?”

Sisley: “Mmmh, I definitely won’t spend the night with Bernhard, he is so crazy, even having the idea of asking us. I can’t believe. But yes, let’s order him some dishes with a butler. Why not.”

The next morning Sisley and Nicole sitting in the hotel lobby taking time for an English Breakfast. At around eleven o’clock Bernhard joins the table: “Ladies, you are still here? I had an incredible night.”



Nicole: “Oh, really? Let me guess sweet sour.” Sisley ads: “And I don’t want to know more about.”

Bernhard: “Well, a gentlemen enjoys and keeps quiet.” and with a grinning smile on his face: “And you girls having a traditional English breakfast this morning, I see. Well I prefer a French, croissant and a strong coffee.”

Sisley: “Sure. Why don’t you take a seat?”

Rob coming through the breakfast hall, stopping in the middle of the room, starring at Sisley and Nicole. Then walking over stopping at the table: “Nicole, Sisley you are here why didn’t you tell me?”

Nicole: “Yes, we are here, and we were here last night.”

Rob: “Oh last night, did you see me? Oh, yes you did, I can tell by your face, but it’s not your thing as far as I remember.”

Nicole: “Oh you remember, actually there was nothing to remember that included me.”

Rob: “Yes, exactly that morning was without you, you  were somehow disappeared.”

Bernhard throwing in: “Yes, that’s their speciality, they also, disappeared last night. But I won’t complain.”

Sisley: “Well, remember that sometimes not getting what you want can be a wonderful stroke of luck.”

Nicole agrees: “Yes, I found my Mr. Incredible just the night after. We are already engaged”, flashing her diamond ring toward Rob who replies: “Beautiful, sparkling like your eyes Nicole, I hope you invite me to your wedding, I will sing a song for you.”

Nicole: “Oh, really, you would do that? That would be amazing. But Sisley I see my stroke of luck and Bernhard’s but yours?”

Rob turning towards Sisley: “Give me a call next time you’re coming down to London and I show you a good stroke of luck that works out.”

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