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The Weekend: Love, Ambition & the Lisbon Dream


Listen to Chapter I – JANUARY

Lisbon, Portugal — March of 2022 Paige is sitting at her desk in her retro loft apartment, a 19th-century mansion in the trendy Real area. She looks across the room and remembers her early days in Lisbon.

Seven years had passed since she’d first set foot on the fabled West Coast after deciding to uproot her life and head elsewhere. On January 4, 2015, right after the new year began, she accepted a job offer from a major international technology company to work as an online advertising client adviser.

 By the time she had been picked-up by a company employee who took her to the business complex’s apartment. She would live with other employees in a flat share. The neighbourhood was described as a good middle class district in a suburb of Lisbon named Oeiras, but the sight of the ghetto-like multi-storey apartment houses with a few palms and a supermarket in the middle was shocking.

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